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Research Training

Training at NIEHS

As one of the largest research agencies dedicated to using environmental sciences to understand human disease and to improve human health, the NIEHS fosters scientific learning and discovery and provides learning opportunities for students of all ages. 

Transdisciplinary Environmental Health Fellowships

Laboratory Reserach | Data Analysis | Grants Administration

Specialty Focus: Epigenetics or Stem Cell Research
NIEHS is seeking applicants for two new unique postdoctoral fellowship opportunities that provide transdisciplinary training across scientific and administrative areas.

Trainees will gain extensive laboratory training in either epigenetics research or stem cell research in the NIEHS Division of Intramural Research (DIR). DIR is also partnering with the Division of Extramural Research and Training (DERT) and the Division of the National Toxicology Program (DNTP) to broaden the fellows’ experience in grants administration, data analysis, environmental health policy, and toxicology.

Individuals will be mentored by faculty from each of the three divisions, providing a broad-based experience in environmental health-focused basic laboratory research; grant preparation; program development, review, and analysis; and applied toxicological research and testing.

The applicants should possess a Ph.D. in biology or chemistry, an M.D., or the equivalent.

For information about applying for either of these two transdiciplinary positions, contact Rajendara S. Chhabra, Postdoctoral Training Program Coordinator, Special Volunteer.

Epigenetics Research
The transdisciplinary postdoctoral position in environmental epigenetics will be under the collaborative supervision of:

Paul Wade, Ph.D., DIR
Alex Merrick, Ph.D., DNTP
Frederick Tyson, Ph.D., DERT

Stem Cell Research
The transdisciplinary postdoctoral position in Environmental Stem Cell Biology will be under the collaborative supervision of:

Trevor Archer, Ph.D., DIR
Mike Waalkes, Ph.D., DNTP
Les Reinlib, Ph.D., DERT

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Postdoctoral research fellowships at the NIEHS may be funded for up to five years, and funding opportunities depend on the research area, citizenship, experience and previous training. Visa assistance is available for international applications. In addition to their scientific training, postdoctoral fellows at the NIEHS have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of professional and career development activities.

Fellowships in Environmental Medicine for Medical Students - The Fellowships in Environmental Medicine for Medical Students is a one-year program that allows medical students to participate in laboratory, epidemiological or clinical research related to environmental health issues.

Summer Internship

NIH Summer Internship Program - The NIEHS Summer Internship Program provides summer research internships for outstanding high school and college students interested in pursuing higher education and careers in the biomedical and biological sciences.

Academic-Year Research & Training

NIEHS Scholars Connect Program - NSCP is designed to provide an opportunity for highly motivated science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) focused undergraduate students from the surrounding academic institutions with underrepresented minority student populations to gain research experience and explore careers at NIEHS.

Training, Fellowship and Career Awards from NIEHS

The NIEHS also supports predoctoral and postdoctoral training and career development opportunities at universities and other institutions across the United States. The NIEHS pays special attention to applications from investigators who are early in their careers, new to environmental health, or from states with comparably low numbers of NIH grants.


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