PI, Institution:
Anne Lang Dunlop, Emory University

Grant: R24ES029490

The Atlanta African American Maternal-Child birth cohort enrolls pregnant African American women at 8-14 weeks gestation, follows them through pregnancy to ascertain pregnancy and birth outcomes, and engages mother-child pairs in postnatal follow-up for the next five years. This study aims to assess the impact of the prenatal microbiome, metabolome, epigenome, environmental toxicants, and stress on preterm birth, infant growth and neurodevelopment, and childhood obesity.

Cohort Maintenance & Enrichment Activities:
Continuing enrollment of African American women at 8-14 weeks gestation, collecting data at two time points during pregnancy and at delivery. Engaging mother-child pairs in ongoing postnatal follow-up studies to continue investigation of relationships between prenatal and early childhood exposures to chemical and non-chemical stressors and child health outcomes. Evaluating the performance of high-resolution mass spectrometry coupled with gas chromatography for quantifying persistent organic pollutants compared to conventional methods.

Data Management & Sharing Activities:
Adapting tools for multi-omic data integration to enable the display, visualization, and integration of comprehensive exposure assessment and biological effect data to include chemical toxicant concentrations and metabolomic, epigenomic, and microbiome data. Analyzing associations between these data and pregnancy and birth outcomes within the cohort and across cohort collaborations.

Data Access:
Data and associated documentation are available to users only under a strict data-sharing agreement. Requests for use of the data and the data use agreement can be obtained by contacting Anne Dunlop.

Data can be found through the following repositories:

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