NIEHS has produced software for Electron Paramagnetic Resonance analysis since 1983. Originally, programs were written for the HP technical workstation that Varian supplied with their last spectrometers, but current programs are written for the IBM MS DOS, MS Windows, Win95, WinNT, and various UNIX workstation formats. This software is provided free to the EPR research community with the understanding that any resulting report either internally or externally distributed explicitly acknowledge this contribution.

PEST software are distributed as ZIP(Windows) or tar.Z (UNIX) compressed files, you will need to UNZIP or un-compress them before you can use them. The programs are available for various platforms such as DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95 & NT and UNIX, please refer to the PEST General Information Manual for details.

If you use Winsim program from P.E.S.T., you may use the following reference:
"Simulation of Multiple Isotropic Spin Trap EPR Spectra", D.R. Duling. Journal of Magnetic Resonance, Series B 104, 105-110 (1994).

Main Distributions

[] (197KB) This release of  WinSim 2002 integrates the existing WinSim program with the DOS programs used for modifying spectra. The interface and file formats have also been revised and updated. The present version is a BETA release that may still contain errors and not all functions have been implemented.

[] (86KB) The previous version of the popular EPR FFT and simulation program with MS-Windows interface. Includes many useful enhancements. It is a 32 bit program for Windows 3.1 with Win32 libraries, thus, runs under Windows 95 and NT(4.0)
WinSIM HTML Manual

[] (603KB) The basic software for acquiring and manipulating EPR data, written for 16 bit DOS with VGA graphics. Information.
Files include: epr.exe, epr4k.exe, epr8k.exe, EPR Manual; scan.exe, Scan Manual; er200.exe, ER200 Manual; ftepr.exe, FT EPR Manual; and simepr.exe, SimEPR Manual

[] (167KB) Manual in HTML format. Use an internet browser to view the contents. Note that the manual archive contains LONG filenames and must be un-packed with INFOZIP's UNZIIP or WINZIP-95. Failure to do so will result in truncation of filenames, thus a loss of links between documents.

[] (24KB) Example data files:
dmpo.* - simple DMPO/OH spectrum and parameters
e1-05.* - DMPO/OH/OOH spectrum and parameters
pow128.* - powder spectrum and parameters

[] (77KB)   [] (166KB) 32-bit extended DOS and Windows 95 & NT versions of powfit programs. Rigid limit simulation program with simplex optimization method. Command line program runs under the MS-DOS prompt in Windows 3.1. POWFIT HTML Manual
Examples can be found in

[] (221KB)   [] (166KB)   [Util-DEC.tar.Z] (228KB)   [Util-Linux.tar.Z] (96KB)   [Util-IRIX_5.3.tar.Z] (202KB)
The 16-bit DOS command line, 32-bit Windows 95 & NT, and various UNIX versions of the command line utilities.
autocor.exe - auto-correlation for hyperfine splittings. Utilities Manual. Tune Manual.
frep.exe - file reporting utility with PS option
fcon.exe - file conversion program
tune.exe - Simulation, optimization and auto-simulation!

Other Downloads

STDB v.6 (DOS)
Spin-trap Database (MS-DOS Version) written by Dr. Anson Li using FoxPro last updated in 1993. Will run under MSDOS, Win 3.1, Win 95 or Win NT. It has been replaced by Web-STDB version.
README (786B), and (1MB)

EPR file format (LMB)
Description of LMB file format ( files.txt (3KB) ).
constant.h (843B) , filename.h (364B) , files.c (3KB) , and files.h (322B)

Benchmark Test
Test files for auto-tune program.
f1-05.exp (43KB) , f1-05.tun (501B) , test.exp (15KB) , and test.tun (631B)