What are the benefits of IMACS membership?

IMACS seeks to: (1) promote awareness of the latest trends and technology in the field, (2) develop consensus and standards on the conduct and reporting of adult and juvenile myositis studies, (3) perform collaborative international therapeutic trials and other myositis research, and (4) provide innovative services for the education and professional development of its members.


  • Full members may apply to join one of the IMACS Committees (Scientific or Meeting Committees), and also lead these committees or a Scientific Interest Group
  • All members may join Scientific Interest Groups within IMACS, which focus on a particular area of interest within the field
  • All members may participate in IMACS scientific projects and surveys
  • Access to the IMACS membership list
  • Access to a database of myositis databases, open to collaboration
  • Opportunity to mentor trainees or junior colleagues, or to receive mentorship from an experienced myositis researcher or clinician
  • Opportunities to keep updated in the field
  • Members may make presentations at and propose meeting topics for annual meetings

Categories of Membership

Full members enjoy full benefits of IMACS membership. As part of this, they may apply to become a member of the IMACS Committees (Scientific or Meeting Committees), or Chair/Vice Chair of a Scientific Interest Group, which are elected positions, or they may join one or more Scientific Interest groups and IMACS research projects. They may participate in voting of IMACS committee members and policies. The full membership application requires submission of a curriculum vitae.

Associate members are trainee members (students, fellows), research assistants, members of non-profit organizations (such as patient support group leaders), or employees of for-profit organizations (such as pharmaceutical and biotech companies). Associate members may enjoy most benefits of IMACS membership, but they may not be vote on IMACS policies. They may participate in IMACS surveys and they may join one or more Scientific Interest groups and IMACS research projects. Trainee members may be elected to the Scientific or Meeting Planning Committees. A curriculum vitae is not required with the application for associate membership. Upon completion of training, all trainee associate members should submit a curriculum vitae and apply to become full members.

Submit Your Application for Membership

The IMACS application consists of the following information:

  • Applicant demographic information
  • Myositis area of interest survey
  • Myositis patient description
  • Applicant CV (full members)

Please have your CV updated and ready to be submitted to IMACS before you begin the membership application. Your CV is required for membership approval. For faster processing of your application, please submit your CV in one of the following file formats:

  • Adobe PDF document (filename.pdf)
  • Word document (filename.doc)
  • Rich Text Format (filename.rtf)

Please proceed to the first webpage of the Membership Application if you are ready.

This is the public website for IMACS. If you are already a member, you may wish to visit the members website on the NIEHS Extranet.