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NIEHS welcomes and encourages involvement by the public community in institute activities. There are many public meetings at the institute, as well as numerous opportunities for the public to comment on NIEHS research plans, budget priorities, and the use of research findings. This webpage contains links to more information about these opportunities.

Donations to the NIEHS

Though NIEHS is not a fund-raising organization, the U.S. Congress has authorized the institute to accept donations and bequests to support its mission. Donations to NIEHS are used to support things such as research studies, purchase of equipment and supplies, workshop and conference support, and scientific staff recruitment efforts. Donations may also be made to a Memorial Garden at NIEHS that honors employees of the institute who have died.

Events Calendar

Many NIEHS meetings and events are open to the public and the public is encouraged to attend. The Events Calendar provides a listing of events taking place at the NIEHS campus in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, as well as NIEHS-sponsored meetings in other cities.

Join a Health Study or Clinical Trial

NIEHS conducts research studies and clinical trials involving human participants. This link provides information on the purpose of these studies and how to volunteer.

Nomination of Chemicals for Testing

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) maintains a balanced research and testing program that provides data addressing a wide variety of issues important to public health. NTP actively seeks to identify and select for study chemicals and other substances for which sufficient information is not available to adequately evaluate potential human health hazards. This link provides information on public input into this process.

NIEHS Partners

The NIEHS Partners is a cross-sectional group that meets periodically with the NIEHS director and leadership to provide input and improve communications with organizations directly affected by the mission and research of NIEHS. The Partners represent disease and patient advocacy organizations, at-risk groups such as women and minorities, and environmental and public health advocacy groups.

RSS News Feed

This link provides information on how to access information including NIEHS press releases and announcements through an RSS news feed ( that automatically downloads to your news reader.


NIEHS has a continuing sustainability commitment to through pollution prevention, resource conservation, and sustainable development of facilities and programs. This webpage provides information on the institute’s efforts in these areas as well as programs such as recycling, travel reduction, fleet vehicle fuel usage, and wildlife habitat preservation.

Community Forums

NIEHS sponsors Community Forums in cities throughout the United States on the general theme of environmental impacts on human health. The purpose of the Community Forums is to bring together members of the public who are interested in public health and the environment with NIEHS and other federal, state, and local government health officials; environmental health professionals; and disease and environmental advocacy groups.

Visits and Speakers

  • NIEHS Campus Tours & Information Sessions - For K thru 12 students and teachers, as well as post-secondary science-based student groups/programs from surrounding colleges and universities.
  • Speakers Bureau - Our scientists are available to come talk about a variety of topics involving our environment and your health. Topics range from asthma and mold — to cancer and air pollution. NIEHS scientists, technicians, and administrators are also available to talk about their job responsibilities, as well as their educational and career experiences. Our speakers can travel up to 50 miles from the Research Triangle Park.

NIH Opportunities

Director's Council of Public Representatives

The Director's Council of Public Representatives is a federal advisory committee made up of members of the public who advise the National Institutes of Health (NIH) director on issues related to public participation in NIH activities, outreach efforts, and other matters of public interest. NIH selects new members every year, to serve an average of 3–years term.

Selected NIH Education and Awareness Campaigns

This webpage offers a number of education and awareness campaigns run by a variety of NIH institutes.

Get Involved at NIH

This website contains a listing of public opportunities at NIH including the NIH Public Bulletin, Public Input and Participation, Health Programs and Campaigns, Director’s Corner, and more.