Study / Trial Background

We intend to conduct a pilot study designed to measure BPA levels before and after occupational exposure to thermal paper used in cash registers. We will recruit cashiers from a local commercial store that is currently still using BPA-laden thermal paper and plans to switch to BPA-free paper in the near future. The study uses a within-subject comparison design, using serum and urine samples to determine whether BPA is detectable in the study population at sufficient levels to measure differences in paired samples. Two phases of sample collection are proposed: Phase I - collecting paired samples on two separate occasions before the implementation of BPA-free thermal paper use in cash registers; and Phase II - collecting paired samples on two separate occasions after the implementation of this change in thermal paper.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Ages Eligible for Study: 18–100 years
  • Genders Eligible for Study: All
  • Employed as a cashier at the site location
  • Anticipate continued employment at this business for the duration of both phases of the study
  • Able to understand and provide written informed consent to participate in the study
  • Have a minimum of 24 hours off from work before providing pre-shift samples
  • Participants may be healthy or have preexisting conditions

Principal Investigator

John R. Bucher, M.S., Ph.D., D.A.B.T. (Retired)
John R. Bucher, M.S., Ph.D., D.A.B.T. (Retired)
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