PI, Institution:
Emily Oken, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc.

Grant: R24ES030894

Project Viva

Project Viva is a longitudinal pre-birth cohort study of 2,128 mother-child pairs in eastern Massachusetts enrolled between 1999 and 2002. The goal is to examine the effects of maternal diet, as well as air pollution and other environmental factors, on child growth and development, and mother and child cardiometabolic health. For more information about this cohort, visit the NIEHS Epidemiology Resources webpage for Project Viva.

Cohort Maintenance & Enrichment Activities:
Contacting and collecting environmental exposure data and saliva samples from children’s biological fathers. Developing, testing, and implementing a smartphone application to remotely collect data on location, physical activity, and ecological momentary assessment of dietary behaviors, substance use, sleep patterns, and mood. Retaining and continuing to follow children through adolescence and young adulthood by updating contact information and developing new methods of communicating to engage participants.

Data Management & Sharing Activities:
Enhancing data management infrastructure to facilitate data sharing with the broader scientific community through search engine optimization techniques to increase data discoverability and creating and streamlining data documentation. Building infrastructure, including designing and building a web-based portal for users to discover, query, and obtain information about the dataset, and designing and building a secure data warehouse to store all Project Viva data.

Data Access:
Project Viva data are available from the research team upon reasonable request and approval. The full process for proposing an analysis of Project Viva data is detailed in the study policy document, available on the Project Viva website . Inquiries may also be directed to Karen Switkowski, R24 Project Director.

Please see NIH RePORTER for publications associated with this R24 grant.