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Research translation and the development of health education are key priorities of The Women’s Health Awareness (WHA) Community Engagement Program. This includes creating responsive health information resources that are directly informed by WHA’s Research and Projects. WHA uses a range of popular communication mediums for disseminating health information to the WHA community and women living across North Carolina and beyond. Many of these strategies were informed through direct consultation of women attending the WHA Annual Conference. Examples of WHA’s health education resources include:

  • Podcasts: The WHA podcast series was directly informed by the WHA Vaccine Confidence study conducted in 2021. This study examined public opinion, concerns and beliefs around the COVID-19 vaccine and immunizations within the Black community of North Carolina. Experts from the medical, education and faith-based communities share their perspectives on various COVID-19 related issues and concerns identified by women during the study. Get more information on the Vaccine Confidence Study.
  • The Strive to Thrive Video Series: The Strive to Thrive Video Series are short informational videos on critical health topics affecting women and their families. These videos are led by clinical experts and provide practical guidance on a range of topics such as how to create an environmentally safe home, how to conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and strategies for integrating mindfulness into your daily life.
  • Webinars: WHA organizes educational webinars on a diverse range of health topics impacting the lives of women and their families. Previous webinar topics include women’s cardiovascular health, breast health, diabetes, strategies for managing inflammation, mental health during COVID, and more. Each webinar is led by a health expert and provides additional educational resources.
  • Newsletter Series: The WHA initiative launched a newsletter series in 2019 as a means for continually engaging with their growing community. This biannual newsletter shares women’s health articles, health advice, book recommendations, healthy recipes and more!
  • Public Health Messages: Public Health Messages is a series of health education learning briefs and resource round ups that were initially developed during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This series seeks to translate emergent public health information into practical advice and recommendations for real women and their families.