The Cyberinfrastructure Leadership Committee (CLC) provides I&IT governance and manages NIEHS systems that empower the use of information and computing technologies. The committee ensures that the institute has a reliable and secure I&IT foundation, integrating systems and expertise essential for the scientific and administrative mission.

Cyberinfrastructure at NIEHS includes technology systems, instruments, data and knowledge management, analytics, policy, and expertise, coordinated to advance environmental health and biomedical science, and to enhance interoperability.

The CLC is guided by the NIEHS I&IT Strategic Roadmap. The roadmap was developed as a grassroots effort that combined input from both technology users and providers. The roadmap helps ensure that the institute has the essential technology, tools, and expertise to advance science, enhance scientific stewardship, and accelerate the translation of data to knowledge to action.

The CLC and a diverse group of participants from across the institute have identified I&IT challenges critical to ensuring the success of the collective mission. Core guiding principles that address these challenges include:

  • Advancing Scientific Knowledge and Innovation.
  • Creating a Satisfied and Pleased User Community.
  • Defining and Monitoring I&IT Processes.
  • Designing Data Systems That Are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable, and Computable (FAIR+).
  • Maximizing Organizational Efficiency.
  • Practicing Responsible Financial Stewardship.