The Bioethics Program is a part of the NIEHS' Ethics Program that provides educational, scholarly, and administrative support for research integrity at the NIEHS. The Bioethics Program provides annual training in responsible conduct of research and sponsors workshops, seminars, and focus groups on ethical issues in environmental health research. The NIEHS' bioethicist, David B. Resnik, J.D., Ph.D., works closely with the NIEHS Ethics Office, the NIEHS Institutional Review Board, the NIEHS Office of Human Research and Community Engagement (OHRCE), and the NIEHS Office of the Scientific Director to develop institutional policies that promote research integrity and compliance with federal research policies and regulations. Dr. Resnik conducts interdisciplinary research on ethical, legal, and social issues in environmental health research and provides consultations for researchers and administrators on bioethics issues, problems, and concerns.

What is Bioethics

Bioethics is the study of ethical, social, and legal issues that arise in biomedicine and biomedical research. Bioethics includes medical ethics, which focuses on issues in health care; research ethics, which focuses issues in the conduct of research; environmental ethics, which focuses on issues pertaining to the relationship between human activities and the environment, and public health ethics, which addresses ethical issues in public health. Bioethicists conduct research on ethical, social, and legal issues arising in biomedicine and biomedical research; teach courses and give seminars; help draft institutional policies; serve on ethics committees, and provide consultation and advice on ethical issues. Bioethicists work for academic institutions, hospitals and medical centers, government agencies, private corporations and foundations. Bioethicists usually have a graduate degree in bioethics or a related discipline, such as philosophy, law, medicine, nursing, public health, psychology, political science, biology, or theology.

April 28, 2021

Before, During, and After I Learned My PI Falsified Data – A seminar given at NIEHS by Mary Allen, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor and Responsible Conduct of Research Coordinator, University of Colorado.
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