PI, Institution:
Brenda Eskenazi, University of California Berkeley

Grant: R24ES028529

The Center for the Health Assessment of Mothers and Children of Salinas (CHAMACOS) pregnancy cohort examines the effects of multiple environmental exposures on children’s health in the agricultural region of Salinas Valley, California. For more information about this cohort, visit the NIEHS Epidemiology Resources webpage for CHAMACOS.

Cohort Maintenance & Enrichment Activities:
Retaining participation in the cohort through 18 years of age through community engagement and maintaining a strong community based participatory research model. Investigating new methods of assessing environmental exposures, and exploring novel methodologies related to metabolomics, genomics, and the microbiome.

Data Management & Sharing Activities:
Maintaining and strengthening data management infrastructure to improve database and encourage new collaborations and data sharing. Upgrading and maintaining the existing biorepository to ensure the integrity of samples and developing best practices for biorepositories. Improving systems to track samples used for multiple research grants, pilot studies, and collaborations. Developing a data sharing portal to encourage use of existing data by outside collaborators and creating standardized protocols for sharing big data.

Data Access:
Data will be accessed through data sharing platform that is currently under development.

Please see NIH RePORTER for publications associated with this R24 grant.