Translational Research at NIEHS

  1. How does NIEHS define translational research?
    NIEHS defines translational research as research ideas that bridge between two or more translational research activities within a category, or that bridge between two or more translational categories.
  2. Who can use this Framework?
    The framework is intended to help researchers plan, understand, evaluate and communicate their research. Science managers and program staff can use the framework to help identify opportunities for translational research bridging.
  3. Where is basic research in the NIEHS Translational Research Framework?
    We consider basic research as part of the fundamental questions category of translational research.
  4. Does NIEHS fund translational research?
    Yes. Although we do not have a specific translational research program, we do support several programs that are designed to support or facilitate translational research.
  5. If I am doing traditional clinical research, can I still use the NIEHS Translational Research Framework?
    Absolutely. Every aspect of clinical research can be mapped using the NIEHS translational research framework. There is a specific clinical impact node within the impact ring or category.
  6. Is there a tool I can use to help tell my translational research story?
    Yes. Click here for a template (1MB).