NIEHS Medical Student Research Fellowships

If you are interested in applying for a Fellowship, please follow the following steps.

Step One: Research NIEHS

First, visit the NIEHS webpage to review the specific research fields, publications, and other details of the intramural principal investigators. The investigator webpages can be accessed through the nine branch and laboratory links:

Second, email the Program Director, Janet E. Hall, M.D., to discuss your interests and whether there is a particular Branch/Lab you would be interested in working with. Janet Hall will work with you to discuss possible mentors and provide an initial contact if appropriate.

Janet E. Hall, M.D., M.S.
Janet E. Hall, M.D., M.S.
Chief, Clinical Research Branch and Senior Investigator
Tel 984-287-3647
[email protected]


Step Two: Contact Investigator(s)

The investigators will provide guidance on what research projects can likely be accomplished within a twelve-month period. Together, you and the principal investigator will devise a suitable project outline, hypothesis, and goals. Although any research project theme is suitable, preference will be given to projects that will study a biological system in which external factors are to be applied experimentally, to perturb the system and understand its responses. Any experimental organism can be studied, but preference will be given to projects that have relevance to human biology and health. It is also possible to do dry lab (Epidemiology Branch and Biostatistics and Biomedical Computing Branch) as well as clinical research projects (Clinical Research Branch).

During these discussions, the principal investigator will also be interviewing you to determine if they are interested in accepting you into their research group.

Step Three: Apply

You may discuss projects with several investigators. Once you have chosen an investigator and a mutually acceptable project, download and fill out an application form (linked below), and submit it by email as soon as possible. Letters of reference and a project description will also be required. The principal investigator who has agreed to be your mentor for the project must submit a recommendation letter to the program administrator and Janet Hall, M.D., M.S., that justifies your selection and details their plans for your success.

Your official transcript is not required prior to submitting your application. However, if chosen for a fellowship, the award can only be activated upon receipt of the transcript.




When Will I Be Notified About the Status of my Application?

Applicants will receive a letter via email informing them of their status, as early as February 28 and no later than June 1, depending on when the application is submitted.