The NIEHS video streaming platform currently uses HTML5 for video playback on all current desktop browsers and mobile devices (iOS & Android).

All NIEHS live webcast events and video on-demand content are securely streamed over HTTPS through port 443.

Note for NIEHS PC Users Using Internet Explorer

Due to recent security changes NIEHS webcasts are no longer supported in Internet Explorer. Users should instead use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or any other browser that supports HTML5 video.

Please Note

Volume Issues
If you are having volume issues, please ensure that the volume is not muted on your computer or device and that the volume is not muted in the NIEHS video player. To check the volume in the video player during computer playback, please hover your mouse over the video window and click on the white volume icon in the lower right hand corner. Adjust accordingly.

Playback Issues
By default, the NIEHS video player and streaming platform are designed to automatically decrease or increase the quality of a live webcast stream depending on a user’s bandwidth in order to provide the smoothest possible playback. If you are having unexpected bandwidth issues or would like to manually control the quality of the live video stream yourself, please click on the white HD button in the lower right hand corner of the player. Select a lower or higher quality stream that best suits your preference and current bandwidth allocation.

Sample Video Test

Please use the sample video below to test video playback on your computer or device.


Contact the NIEHS Video Support Team

Use the form below to contact the NIEHS Video Support Team. Please provide details of the issues you are experiencing. The form will automatically provide your system information to help our team provide the best possible support. You will be emailed a response in a timely fashion.


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