A Common Data Element (CDE) is a standardized, precisely defined question, paired with a set of allowable responses, used systematically across different sites, studies, or clinical trials to ensure consistent data collection. Each set of agreed upon CDEs produces a data dictionary (derived from the metadata) that can facilitate the discussion, harmonization, and analysis of data. We encourage use of CDEs not only to assist with a single study and its associated data capture, analysis, and presentation but to also enhance and assure potential for future data sharing.

The DR2 Resources Portal hosts several CDEs from various institutions so the broader research community may use similar data collection methods to create larger datasets, across a variety cohorts, to provide a deeper understanding of the uncertainties associated with disasters.

The DR2 COVID-19 Collection contains the NICHD COVID-19 Pregnancy and Pediatric Common Data Elements. The DR2 program team worked in collaboration with the NICHD working groups to produce instructional materials on how to access the NICHD COVID-19 CDEs in the Portal and upload them into a REDCap project for quick and easy implementation.

The video and powerpoint provide step-by-step instructions on the following:

  • Searching the DR2 Resources Portal for the NICHD COVID-19 CDEs.
  • Accessing and downloading the data dictionary from the NICHD COVID-19 CDE record.
  • Uploading the data dictionary into a REDCap project.
  • Searching the REDCap Shared Library.
  • Importing a survey instrument from the REDCap Shared Library.
  • Importing other survey instruments from the DR2 Portal into the NICHD COVID-19 CDEs.

November 1, 2022 Live Training Materials

Informational Materials