Clinical Research Unit, North Carolina

The Clinical Research Unit (CRU) Patients’ Bill of Rights protects you when you volunteer to participate in clinical research. We believe that concern for every research volunteer is linked closely to the successful conduct of clinical research.

You, the research participant, make it possible for us to observe health and disease and to measure response to treatment.

Your rights and safety are protected by procedures that provide an awareness of your medical choices, of any risks or benefits, and of possible consequences of participating in research. The list summarizes your rights as a research participant at the CRU.

You Have the Right:

  • To expect that a medical summary (if applicable) will be sent from the CRU to your referring physician upon request.
  • To expect that all communications and records pertaining to your participation in our study will be treated as confidential to the extent permitted by law.
  • To designate additional physicians or organizations at any time to receive medical updates if you receive care at the CRU.
  • To know in advance what appointment times are available.
  • To know the physician responsible for coordinating the research study at the CRU.
  • To receive complete information about the study, as well as diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis (if applicable) from the physician, in terms that are easily understood. If it is medically inadvisable to give such information to you, it will be given to a legally authorized representative.
  • To receive information necessary for you to give informed consent prior to participating in a study, or receiving a procedure or treatment, including a description of the study, procedure or treatment, any potential risks or benefits, the probable duration of any incapacitation, and any alternatives.
  • To refuse to participate in research.
  • To safe, considerate, and respectful treatment by our staff, provided in a manner consistent with your beliefs.

If you have questions about your rights or about the information presented here, talk to a member of the study team, or contact the CRU Medical Director at 984-287-4412.