Active Kidney Disease Grantees

Title Principal Investigator Institution
Longitudinal study of risk factors for Mesoamerican nephropathy among agricultural workers in El Salvador, Central America Scammell, Madeleine Boston University Medical Campus
Role of SMOC2 in Kidney Fibrosis Vaidya, Vishal  Brigham and Women's Hospital
Children’s Exposure to Metals, mcroRNAs and Biomarkers of Renal Health Sanders, Alison  Icahn School of Medicine At Mount Sinai
Genetic Factors that Influence Arsenic Toxicity Churchill, Gary  Jackson Laboratory
Neurotoxicity and Nephrotoxicity of Diglycolic Acid: A Model of Calcium Chelation-induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction McMartin, Kenneth Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Shreveport
The Genetics of Silica-Induced Autoimmunity Pollard, Kenneth Scripps Research Institute
Assess and Model the Health Effects, Population, and Infrastructural Vulnerabilities of Power Outage Lin, Shao State University of New York at Albany
UAB Research Center of Excellence in Arsenicals Athar, Mohammad University of Alabama at Birmingham
Project 1: Novel Pharmacological Inhibitors of Chemical Vesicants-mediated Cutaneous Injury Athar, Mohammad University of Alabama at Birmingham
Project 3: Intercepting Renal Damage following Skin Exposure to Arsenicals Agarwal, Anupam  University of Alabama at Birmingham
Core 3: Drug Discovery and Development Core Suto, Mark  University of Alabama at Birmingham / Southern Research Institute
Renal Disposition in NASH Cherrington, Nathan  University of Arizona
Cohort Follow-up Study of Children Exposed to Arsenic in Utero and Early Childhood Smith, Allan  University of California Berkeley
PCB Induced Neurogenic Inflammation Mediates Bladder Dysfunction Keil, Kimberly  University of California, Davis
Role of the Perinatal Gut Microbiome in the Development of Adult Kidney Organic Anion Transport Nigam, Sanjay  University of California, San Diego
Etiologic and Mechanistic Factors Underlying Chronic Kidney Disease in Guatemalan Sugarcane Workers Newman, Lee University of Colorado Denver
Effects of Selected Climate Change-affected Pathogens and Pollutants on Critical Organs, Inflammation and Human Disease Chatterjee, Saurabh  University of South Carolina at Columbia
Interactions of Climate Change on Oceans and Human Health: Assessment of Effects on Ocean Health Related Illness and Disease and Development of Prevention Strategies to Better Protect Public Health  Scott, Geoffrey  University of South Carolina at Columbia
Increased Risk of Chronic Disease Due to Domoic Acid Exposure with Age  Marcinek, David  University of Washington
Microcystin-LR Toxicity in Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis Clarke, John  Washington State University