Genome Integrity & Structural Biology Laboratory

When & Where:

Time Day of Week Location
1:00 p.m. Thursdays F193 unless indicated


Date Speaker Topic
September 7 OPEN OPEN
September 14 Borgnia group: Venkata Dandy Time-resolved Cryo-EM Using Acoustofluidics
September 21 Bill Copeland Overview of Mitochondrial DNA Replication
September 28 Dmitry Gordenin Mutational Signatures in DNA and in RNA Genomes
October 5 Tom Kunkel New Studies of Nuclear DNA Replication Fidelity
October 12 Scott Williams Topoisomerase DNA-protein Crosslink Repair
October 19 Guest Speaker Professor Steven A. Roberts, University of Vermont. (Host: Dmitry Gordenin)
October 26 Doetsch group: Anirba Kar TBA
November 2 Lars Pedersen Structural Studies of the pmHS2 Heparosan Synthetase
November 9 Kunkel group: Jessica Williams The Mutagenic Cost of Low Fidelity DNA Ligation During Replication
November 16 Guest Speaker Dr. Samantha Lewis, University of California Berkeley. (Host: Bill Copeland)
November 23 Thanksgiving
November 30 Kunkel group: Mahina Monsur Whole Genome Study of Mutagenesis by S. cerevisiae Pol ζ
December 7 Schaaper group: Niketa Bhawsinghka Duplex Sequencing to Investigate Mutations in E. coli
December 14 Holiday party
December 21 Winter Break
December 28 Winter Break

2024 (Leap year)

Date Speaker Topic
January 4 Lalith Perera Molecular Modeling at the NIEHS
January 11 Williams group: Anand Jaguva Vasudevan ZATT Functions in TOP2 DNA Protein Crosslink Repair
January 18 Doetsch group: Libertad Garcia TBA
January 25 Kunkel group: Scott Lujan Whole Genome Sequence Analysis of Replication Fidelity in Yeast
February 1 Mueller group: Eugene DeRose NMR of Problematic Proteins
February 8 OPEN
February 15 Bob Petrovich Protein Expression and Purification at the NIEHS
February 22 Copeland group: Dillon King TFAM as a Mitochondrial DNA Damage Sensor
February 29 Kunkel group: Sarah Marks Are Pol Alpha Errors Extrinsically Proofread by Pol Delta?
March 7 Williams group: Percy Tumbale Molecular Basis for DNA Ligation Fidelity
March 14 Doetsch group: Natasha Degtyareva TBA
March 21 Pedersen group: Guangning Zong Structural Studies Within the Structural Biology Core
March 28 Schaaper group: Abra Granger Characterizing dGTPase Enzyme Function in E. coli Using Molecular Dynamic Simulations
April 4 Mario Borgnia, Kedar Sharma Structural Characterization of Class I Protein Mediated Membrane Fusion
April 11 Williams group: Oya Bermek Architecture of the Herpes Replisome
April 18 Kunkel group: Hunter Wilkins The Role of Exonuclease 1 in DNA Mismatch Repair
April 25 Gordenin group: Matt Dennen APOBEC Mutagenesis in Yeast Model
May 2 Paul Doetsch TBA
May 9 Kunkel group: Anu Nair Examining the “Dislocation Hypothesis” with DNA Polymerase Theta
May 16 Williams group: Dhakaram Pangeni Sharma Repair of TOP2 DNA Protein Crosslinks
May 23 OPEN
May 30 Mario Borgnia

Seven Years of cryo-EM at the NIEHS

June 6 Kunkel group: Maggie Humble How Do Mutation Prone Polymerases Handle Oxidative Stress?
June 13 Roel Schaaper Insertion Elements
June 20 Williams group: Jessica Wojtaszek Ape2 Function in DNA Protein Crosslink Repair
June 27 Geoffrey Mueller Peanut and Tree Nut Allergies: New Diagnostics and New Therapies
July 4 July 4 Holiday
July 11 Kunkel group: Logan Schuck Fixing Mismatches from Beginning to End: MMR at Telomeres
July 18 Doetsch group: Avril Powell TBA
July 25 OPEN