Superfund Research Program

Group photo of Karen Wetterhahn Awardees at the 2007 SBRP Annual Meeting

The Karen Wetterhahn Awardees at the 2007 SBRP Annual Meeting in Durham NC. From left to right: Roxanne Karimi, Alicia R. Timme-Laragy, Tiffany Bredfeldt, Anne Spuches, Monica Mendez, Elena Craft, Blakely M. Adair, and Sheila Healy.
(Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

The SRP is more than just a basic research program. We also offer valuable graduate and advanced training opportunities in biomedical and environmental health, environmental sciences, ecology, and geosciences. SRP encourages the integration of an interdisciplinary training program as part of every grant recipient's overall research center. As a result, training is considered an important measure of the success of the overall program and an important asset to the future of environmental health research.

SRP Trainee Highlight

Each month, SRP features an outstanding trainee for their research or outreach activities. Check out the latest on the Trainee Highlight webpage.

SRP CareerTrac - Tracking Trainees to Success

CareerTrac is an NIH/NIEHS-funded system to enable evaluation of the training program for SRP trainees (i.e., pre- and postdoctoral trainees either directly supported or conducting research/activities supported by SRP P42 or R01 grants) specializing in the environmental health sciences. CareerTrac is accessible through the NIEHS Research Partners website.