Exposure, Response, and Technology Branch (ERTB)

Carol Shreffler, Ph.D. is the Program Officer for the Institutional Training Grants and serves as coordinator of the Career Development Programs at NIEHS. Shreffler is the NIEHS representative on the NIH-wide Training Advisory Committee, which is composed of one representative from each Institute and coordinates the overall NIH training policy and programs. She has a long interest in the development of curriculum and career development programs, recently focusing on Biomedical Data Science Training. She served on the Training Subcommittee of the NIH Big Data to Knowledge effort and was the program officer for the career development awards and the NIH Big Data to Knowledge Biomedical Data Science Training Coordination Center. Later she served on the Office of Data Science Strategy Working Group to Address a Workforce Gap in Data Governance for AI and Biomedicine. Previously she served for two years as the Co-Chair of the Training Subcommittee (now the Key Function Committee) of the Clinical and Translational Science Awards, on the Re-Engineering the Clinical Research Enterprise Roadmap Committee and on K30 Clinical Curriculum Development Steering Committee. She is credited with developing and managing the Outstanding New Environmental Scientist Program, a R01 research grant aimed at outstanding new Early-Stage Investigators in the Environmental Health Sciences. She currently serves on the Data Science Workforce Working Group, as the NIEHS contact for the MOSIAC career development programs to promote Diversity, on the UNITE program to strengthen Research Opportunities for NIH Grants for Resource Limited Institutions, on the Program Committee for Continuity and Retention Supplements, on the Career Development Subcommittee for the Tobacco Regulatory Research Program, and as a Science Officer in the Data Science Africa Common Fund grant program.

Shreffler is also the Program Officer for the Liver, Kidney and Digestive Systems Toxicology Research and she served on the NIH Liver Disease Subcommittee of the Digestive Diseases Interagency Coordinating Committee.

Shreffler received the Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics. Following experience as an aerospace engineer at Johnson Spacecraft Center, she returned to graduate school and received a Ph.D. in quantitative genetics. She joined the Division of Extramural Research and Training as a Scientific Review Administrator and in1999 assumed her current position as Director of the Training and Career Development Programs.


  • Career Development (K award series) (NIEHS coordinator).
  • Liver, Kidney and Digestive Disease Research and Toxicology.
  • Pathways to Independence (K99/R00) grant program (NIEHS coordinator).
  • T32 Institutional Training Grants.
  • T35 Short term summer training for medical students.