Research to Action

Institution Principal Investigator Project Title
University of Connecticut School of Medicine/Dentistry Martin Cherniack, M.D. Green Cleaning: Exposure Characterization and Adoption
University of Kentucky Steven Browning, Ph.D.
Nancy Schoenberg, Ph.D.
Community-Engaged Research and Action to Reduce Respiratory Disease in Appalachia
University of Michigan Amy Schulz, Ph.D.
Stuart Batterman, Ph.D.
Community Action to Promote Healthy Environments
University of Washington Catherine Karr, M.D., Ph.D. Home Air In Agriculture - Pediatric Intervention Trial (HAPI)
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Elaine Symanski, Ph.D. Sustainable Solutions to Metal Air Pollution in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods
Public Health Institute Paul English, Ph.D. Use of Community-Based Mapping and Monitoring to Reduce Air Pollution Exposures
University of Washington Catherine Karr, M.D., Ph.D. Aggravating Factors of Asthma in Hispanic Farm Workers
Harvard School of Public Health Chensheng (Alex) Lu, Ph.D. City of Boston Housing Partnership for Environmental Public Health Exploration and Mitigation
Medical University of South Carolina Diane L. Kamen, M.D. Environmental Determinants of Autoimmunity
Rand Corporation Ramya Chari, Ph.D. Addressing Fugitive Chemical Health Risks through Community-Based Actions
University of Cincinnati Patrick H. Ryan, Ph.D. Impact of Traffic-Related Particles on Asthma for Students in an Urban School District
Emory University Linda A. McCauley, R.N., Ph.D. Improving Pregnancy Health Among Florida Farmworkers
University of Cincinnati Grace LeMasters, Ph.D. The Libby Community: Childhood Health Investigation and Exposure Follow-Up Study (CHIEFS)
University of Illinois, Chicago Susan Buchanan, M.D.
Mary Turyk, Ph.D.
Promoting Healthy Seafood Choices in Asian Communities
Harvard School of Public Health Laurel A. Schaider, Ph.D. Mercury Exposure from Fish Consumption in Subsistence Fishers in Rural Oklahoma
Johns Hopkins University Ellen K. Silbergeld, Ph.D. Reducing Exposures to Pathogens from Industrial Food Animal Production
Cornell University Murray B. McBride, Ph.D. Reducing Exposures to Soil Contaminants from Urban Gardening
University of South Carolina Sacoby Wilson, Ph.D. Use of a Community-University Partnership to Eliminate Environmental Stressors