Time-Sensitive Research Opportunities in Environmental Health

Active Grantees


Principal Investigator (contact) Grant Number Title Institution Year
Beier, Juliane I. R21ES036032-01 East Palestine Community-Engaged Environmental Exposure, Health Data, and Biospecimen Bank University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh 2024
Gao, Peng R21ES036033-01 Profiling the Post-Accident Exposome in East Palestine University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh 2024
Golomb, Beatrice A. R21ES036163-01 Uncovering the Short-Term Public Health Impact of Toxin Release in East Palestine, Ohio: Outcomes and Effect Modifiers University of California, San Diego 2024
Haynes, Erin N. R21ES036036-01 R21-UKY East Palestine Train Derailment Health Tracking Study University of Kentucky 2024
Johnson, Natalie M. R21ES036034-01 Responding to Air Pollution in Disasters (RAPID) Air Sampling and Symptom Monitoring in East Palestine, OH Texas A&M University Health Science Center 2024
Schumacher, Fredrick Ray R21ES036031-01 Healthy Futures Research Study: Linking Somatic Mutation Rate With Baseline Exposure in East Palestine Case Western Reserve University 2024


Principal Investigator (contact) Grant Number Title Institution Year
Cho, Seung-Hyun R21ES035913-01 Community-Engaged Environmental Monitoring for Biowaste Treatment Transitions Research Triangle Institute 2023
Fleisch, Abby R21ES035596-01 Exposure Pathways and Mental Health Impact of PFAS-Contaminated Biosolids Maine Health 2023
Haynes, Erin N. R21ES035322-01 Extent of PFAS Contamination Resulting From a Fire at a Hazardous Waste Incinerator in East Liverpool, Ohio University of Kentucky 2023
Haynes, Erin N. R21ES035320-01 Impact of Landfill Mitigation Efforts to Reduce Air Toxics in Bristol, Tennessee and Virginia University of Kentucky 2023
Kumar, Naresh R21ES035565-01 Health Effects of Hurricane Ian University of Miami School of Medicine 2023


Principal Investigator (contact) Grant Number Title Institution Year
Johnston, Jill E. R21ES034720-01 Health Symptoms and Risk Perception of Urban Environmental Justice Communities After a Hydrogen Sulfide Disaster University of Southern California 2022
Ng, Carla R21ES034701-01 Studying AFFF Fate and Exposure to Pursue Outcomes that Restore Trust: SAFE PORT University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh 2022
Nunn, Brook Leanne R21ES034337-01 Using Microbiomes As Microsensors to Forecast Toxic Algae Blooms University of Washington 2022
Ramirez-Andreotta, Monica R21ES034591-01 Wildfires and Flash Floods: Using Exposure Science to Identify Rural Arizona Mining Communities at Risk From the Release and Remobilization of Contaminants University of Arizona 2022
Theberge, Ashleigh Brooks R21ES034338-01 Assessing the Interplay Between Stress, Health, Behavior, and Inflammatory Gene Expression Response to Wildfire Smoke Exposures Using Community Engaged and Remote Sampling Approaches University of Washington 2022

Past Grantees

Principal Investigator (contact) Grant Number Title Institution Year
Aagaard, Kjersti Marie R21ES029462 Impact of Hurricane Harvey on the Maternal and Infant Microbiome and Birth Outcomes Baylor College Of Medicine 2018
Adgate, John L. R21ES029394 Exposure and Health Effects from Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances in Colorado Water University Of Colorado Denver 2018
Adgate, John L. R21ES025140 Quality of Life and Stress Effects in Communities with Oil and Gas Development University Of Colorado Denver 2014
Anderson, Kim A. R21ES029460 Hurricane Harvey DR2: Individual Chemical Exposure Assessments Oregon State University 2018
Anderson, Kim A. R21ES020120 BRIDGES for Evaluation of Health Outcomes, Repercussions and Impacts in Zones of Oil-Spills in Nature Oregon State University 2011
Beamer, Paloma I. R21ES026948 To Litso, the water is yellow: Investigating short term exposure and risk perception of Navajo communities to the Gold King Mine toxic Spill University Of Arizona 2016
Bondy, Melissa L. R21ES029616 Environmental Health Outcomes Research Among Hurricane Harvey Survivors Baylor College Of Medicine 2018
Burgess, Jefferey L. R21ES032680 Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) Exposures and COVID-19 in Firefighters  University of Arizona 2020
Carroll, Stephanie Russo R21ES032767 Investigating linkages between arsenic exposure, diabetes, and COVID-19 infections and risks on the Navajo Nation University of Arizona 2020
Cavallin, Humberto R21ES029762 Taking a Breath after the Disaster: Homes, Mold and Health in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria University Of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras 2018
Factor-Litvak, Pam R. R21ES023582 Effects of a Major Climatic Event -Superstorm Sandy- on Pregnancy Outcomes and Telomere Length Columbia University Health Sciences 2013
Gaasterland, Theresa R21ES024105 Time-sensitive Collection and Analysis of a Marine-Derived Toxic Event University Of California, San Diego 2014
Gonzalez, Adam R21ES023583 Effects of Hurricane Sandy on the Respiratory and Mental Health of WTC Responders State University New York Stony Brook 2013
Grattan, Lynn M. R21ES028060 Rapid Risk Assessment of Chronic Domoic Acid Exposure in WA Razor Clam Harvesters University Of Maryland Baltimore 2017
Hamilton, Winifred J. R21ES029690 Environmental Exposures, Health and Resilience before and after Hurricane Harvey in a Houston-Area Cohort of African-American Adults with Poorly Controlled Asthma Baylor College Of Medicine 2018
Hernandez, Diana R21ES024108 Assessing the Impact of Clean Heat Policy Intervention in New York City Columbia University Health Sciences 2014
Hertz-Picciotto, Irva R21ES029693 Wildfires & Health - Assessing the Toll on NOrthWest California (WHAT-NOW California) University Of California At Davis 2018
Hoppin, Jane R21ES029353 Assessing impact of drinking water exposure to GenX (hexafluoropropylene oxide dimer acid) in the Cape Fear River Basin, North Carolina North Carolina State University 2018
Hui, Hu R21ES032762 The External Exposome and COVID-19 Severity University of Florida 2020
Johnston, Jill E. R21ES027695 Health and Air Pollution Near Urban Oil Drilling Sites University Of Southern California 2016
Kumar, Naresh R21ES029765 Environmental PCB Redistribution and Community Exposure after Hurricane Maria University Of Miami School Of Medicine 2018
Lu, Chensheng R21ES019773 DNA Methylation and Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Exposure in Children Harvard School Of Public Health 2010
Mcconnell, Rob S. R21ES024707 Air pollution, immune modulation of adipose tissue and type-2 diabetes risk factors University Of Southern California 2014
McElmurry, Shawn P. R21ES027199 Rapid Response to Contaminants in Flint Drinking Water Wayne State University 2016
Migliaccio, Christopher Todd R21ES029679 Acute and chronic effects of an extreme wood smoke exposure event in a rural community University Of Montana 2018
Miranda, Marie L. R21ES029461 Time Sensitive Award Mechanism - Using Exposure Science to Identify Populations at Risk in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey Rice University 2018
Nadeau, Kari C. R21ES033049 Interaction between genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors determining circulating angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 protein expression: implications for the severity of COVID-19 infection Stanford University 2021
Pan, William Kuang-Yao R21ES026960 Impact of El Nino on Environmental Mercury and Human Exposure Duke University 2016
Petrosino, Joseph Frank R21ES029493 Incorporating the Microbiome into DR2 Activities to Inform Health Outcomes Baylor College Of Medicine 2018
Polivka, Barbara J. R21ES033118 The Changing COVID-19 Landscape: A Feasibility Study to Capture Momentary Residential Environmental Exposures and Asthma Symptoms in Adults University of Kansas Medical Center 2021
Satterwhite, Lisa L. R21ES027990 Protecting Neurodevelopment in Latino Migrant Children by Reduced Exposure to Organophosphate Pesticides Duke University 2017
Schaeffer, Joshua R21ES029766 After the flood: Investigating the health consequences of mold growth in homes damaged during Hurricane Harvey Colorado State University 2018
Schmidt, Rebecca Jean R21ES029852 Bio-Specimen Assessment of Fire Effects (B-SAFE) Study University Of California At Davis 2018
Trapido, Edward J. R21ES020061 Health Effects of MC252 Gulf Incident LSU Health Sciences Center 2011
Watkins, Deborah J. R21ES029751 Environmental exposures and prenatal stress related to Hurricane Maria among pregnant women in Puerto Rico: Characterization and impact on birth outcomes University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor 2018