NIEHS supports more than 40 research groups across the country to better understand the health effects of PFAS.
map of US with states marked where NIEHS-Supported Researchers Focusing on PFAS is taking place

Project Title Researcher University or Small Business
Exposure and Health Effects from Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances in Colorado Water Adgate, John University of Colorado Denver
Microbial Communities that Bioremediate Chemical Mixtures Alvarez-Cohen, Lisa University of California Berkeley
Bench Scale Studies of Novel In-situ Aquifer Remediation of Recalcitrant Fluorinated Organic Compounds at Superfund Sites Ball, Raymond EnChem Engineering, Inc. (Massachusetts)
Remediation of Perfluorinated Chemicals in Water Using Novel High-Affinity Polymer Adsorbents Barin, Gokhan Cyclopure, Inc. (California)
The Impact of Prenatal Exposure to Persistent Organic Pollutants on Kinetics of Immune Response to Vaccines and Sero-protection in Infants Bhatti, Parveen Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Geochemical Controls on the Adsorption, Bioavailability, Formation, and Long-term Environmental Fate of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-Dioxins (PCDDs) Boyd, Steven Michigan State University
Early Life Perfluoroalkyl Substance Exposure & Obesity: Mechanisms and Phenotyping Braun, Joseph Brown University
Sequestration Processes for Attenuation and Treatment of Arsenic and other Toxic Elements in Mine Waters Brusseau, Mark University of Arizona
Longitudinal Study of Exposure to Pbdes and Pfcs and Child Neurobehavior Chen, Aimin Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Analytical Chemistry Core at the Duke University Superfund Research Center – Developmental Exposures: Mechanisms, Outcomes, and Remediation Ferguson, Lee Duke University
Research Translation Core at the Brown University Superfund Research Center for Toxicant Exposures in Rhode Island: Past, Present, and Future Guelfo, Jennifer Texas Tech University (part of Brown University Superfund Research Center)
Inflammation and Metabolic Changes in Children Developmentally Exposed to PFASs Grandjean, Philippe Harvard School of Public Health (part of University of Rhode Island Superfund Research Center)
Endocrine Disruptors, Epigenetic Programming and Neonatal Outcomes Hamman, Richard University of Colorado Denver
Promotion of Pancreatic Cancer by Perfluorooctanoic Acid Hocevar, Barbara Indiana University
Assessing Impact of Drinking Water Exposure to Genx (Hexafluoropropylene Oxide Dimer Acid) in the Cape Fear River Basin, North Carolina Hoppin, Jane North Carolina State University
Prenatal Environmental Exposures and Markers of Fatty Liver Disease in Childhood Jin, Ran University of Southern California
Neurodevelopmental Effects of Perfluorinated Chemicals Liew, Zeyan Yale University
Developing Passive Samplers for the Detection and Bioaccumulation of PFASs in Water and Porewater Lohmann, Rainer University of Rhode Island
Prenatal Exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Anti-Mullerian Hormone Concentrations in Female Adolescent ALSPAC Study Participants Maisonet, Mildred East Tennessee State University
Community Engagement Core at the University of Rhode Island Superfund Research Center McCann, Alyson University of Rhode Island
Environmental Chemicals and Postpubertal Breast Composition in a Latino Cohort Michels, Karin University of California Los Angeles
Continuous Removal/Disposal System for the Concurrent Sorption and Breakdown of Contaminants into Harmless Precipitates (Superfund Research Program) Miller, Joseph Lynntech, Inc. (Texas)
Protecting the Health of Future Generations: Assessing and Preventing Exposures to Endocrine-Disrupting Flame Retardant Chemicals & PCBs in Two Alaska Native Arctic Communities on St. Lawrence Island Miller, Pamela Alaska Community Action on Toxics (ACAT)
Longitudinal Association of PFCs with Obesity, Diabetes, and Metabolic Syndrome Oken, Emily Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. (Massachusetts)
A Longitudinal Study of Endocrine Disruptor Mixtures and Reproductive Aging Park, Sung Kyun University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
Minnesota CHEAR Exposure Assessment Hub Peterson, Lisa A. University of Minnesota
Migration of Chemical and Mixture Effects through Broad-Acting Sorbents Phillips, Tim Texas A&M University
Longitudinal Study of Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Exposure and the Early Hormonal Milieu of Girls Around the Time of Thelarche Pinney, Susan University of Cincinnati
Autism and Prenatal Endocrine Disruptors (A-PED) Reichenberg, Abraham Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Prenatal Exposure Phthalates and Neurodevelopment in Children Sagiv, Sharon University of California Berkeley
Interactions Between PPAR, Embryonic Nutrition, and the Developmental Origins of Metabolic Dysfunction Sant, Karilyn University of Massachusetts Amherst
Assessment of Pediatric Immunotoxicity, Public Education, and Capacity-building in Communities Impacted by Pfas-contaminated Drinking Water and Community Engagement Core (Superfund Research Program Center at University of Rhode Island) Schaider, Laurel Silent Spring Institute (Massachusetts)
Bio-Specimen Assessment of Fire Effects (B-SAFE) Study Schmidt, Rebecca University of California at Davis
Oxidative Remediation of Superfund Contaminants Sedlak, David University of California Berkeley
Exposure to Perfluorinated Compounds and Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders Shin, Hyeong-Moo University of Texas Arlington
PFAS Compound Effects on Metabolic Abnormalities in Rodents Slitt, Angela University of Rhode Island
Exposure Assessment and Chemometrics of PFASs Sunderland, Elise Harvard School of Public Health (part of University of Rhode Island Superfund Research Center)
Research Translation Core at the University of Rhode Island Superfund Research Program Center Swift, Judith University of Rhode Island
Activation of Nrf2 During Embryonic Development: Mechanisms and Consequences and Toxicant Disruption of Receptor-mediated Endocytosis in Oogenesis and Later Life Metabolic Dysfunction Timme-Laragy, Alicia University of Massachusetts Amherst
Prenatal & Childhood POP Exposures, Obesity & Cardiovascular Risks in Children Trasande, Leonardo New York University
The UC Davis Center for Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Van de Water, Judy University of California at Davis
The UCSF Pregnancy Exposures to Environmental Chemicals (PEEC) Children's Center Woodruff, Tracey University of California San Francisco
Internalizing Behaviors and Neuroimaging Outcomes: Impact of PBDE and PFC Exposures Yolton, Kimberly Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center