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The following announcement provides information on available positions in the Reproductive and Developmental Biology Laboratory ("/Rhythmyx/assembler/render?sys_contentid=49805&sys_revision=2&sys_variantid=639&sys_context=0&sys_authtype=0&sys_siteid=&sys_folderid=" sys_dependentvariantid="639" sys_dependentid="49805" inlinetype="rxhyperlink" rxinlineslot="103" sys_dependentid="49805" sys_siteid="" sys_folderid="") and how to apply for them. Positions in other Branches & Laboratories may be viewed on the Career Opportunities webpage of a particular laboratory.

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP in Gonadogenesis, Sex Determination, and Cell Fate Determination

A postdoctoral position is available in the Developmental Reproductive Biology Group led by Humphrey Yao, Ph.D. The Yao group utilizes conditional transgenic and knockout approaches, tissue recombination, real-time imagining, and molecular genomics to study the following topics:

  • Understanding how somatic cell lineages are established in mouse gonads
  • Identifying the stem/precursor cells for steroidogenic cell lineages in testes and adrenals
  • Studying signaling pathways that contribute to the sexually dimorphic development of germ cells

The candidate will join an exciting research team with ample resources and excellent training opportunities. The qualified applicant should have a Ph.D. or M.D. in developmental biology and cell & molecular biology, experience with transgenic mice, and proven writing and presentation skills. Expertise in molecular biology techniques, such as ChIP or microarray, cell or organ culture, and embryology are desirable. The position is available on October 1, 2011. Potential applicants should email a cover letter stating interests and career goals, a CV, and three reference letters to:

Humphrey Yao, Ph.D.
Senior Principal Investigator
P.O. Box 12233
Mail Drop C4-10
Durham, NC 27709
Tel 984-287-4004
[email protected]