The NIEHS extramural division has made significant investments in environmental epidemiology studies that help scientists better understand how environmental exposures affect health during different stages of life. The webpages below provide detailed information to help the public learn more about the environmental epidemiology studies NIEHS funds, and to maximize the substantial investment NIEHS has made in these studies by facilitating new collaborations and ancillary studies within the environmental health research community.

    • Maintaining and Enriching Environmental Epidemiology Cohorts
      To maximize its investments in environmental epidemiology studies, NIEHS launched a funding opportunity to help researchers maintain and enrich the infrastructure needed to investigate new research questions using these existing cohorts, collaborate with other scientists, and to make data accessible to the research community. NIEHS grantees are engaged in targeted activities to address these objectives and make data publicly available.
    • NIEHS-Funded Epidemiology Resources Faceted Search Tool
      NIEHS created the Epidemiology Resources Faceted Search tool to organize and share information about NIEHS-funded environmental epidemiology studies. Users can search on specific terms or browse information using filters.