Global Toxicologic Pathology Training Program

The Global Toxicologic Pathology Training Program of the NIEHS Division of Translational Toxicology (DTT) provides here a list of resources to enhance career development, training, and the practice of toxicologic pathology worldwide.

DTT Training Modules

These training modules use a combination of presentations and links to digital images to guide the user in training in specific topics of toxicologic pathology.

  • Carbon Disulfide Neurotoxicity (4MB): This case-based study module features a downloadable pdf. This module of carbon disulfide neurotoxicity studies at NIEHS describes behavioral abnormalities, morphologic alterations, and molecular changes resulting from carbon disulfide exposure.
  • Neuropathology Training Module (20MB): This study set features a downloadable pdf and links to publicly available whole slide images. This study set uses DTT archival study material of test articles known to have neurological clinical signs and neuropathological lesions.
  • Pathology Data Interpretation of Carcinogenicity Studies (2MB): This study module features a downloadable pdf describing how pathology data are interpreted for DTT carcinogenicity studies.