IMACS Outcomes Repository Data Use Guidelines

The IMACS Outcomes Repository is available to investigators who apply to the IMACS Research Advisory Committee to use data in the Repository for their own investigations. IMACS core set measure data, demographics, and study design elements have been deposited to the IMACS Outcomes Repository for 9 therapeutic trials and 3 myositis natural history studies. Details of these studies are provided at Studies in the Repository. Details of how to apply to the Research Advisory Committee are listed below in a document entitled IMACS Research Project Guidelines.

Members of IMACS may also apply to the Research Advisory Committee to conduct novel investigations using the IMACS group. These are studies that propose questions and test hypotheses that are relevant to, and congruent with, the goals and purposes of IMACS. Such studies may require collection of new data that are not currently being obtained in the IMACS Outcomes Repository or other ongoing IMACS studies.

The IMACS Outcomes Repository Variable List is a data dictionary for the variable names used in the IMACS Outcomes Repository. It is published here to facilitate data sharing of core set measure data.

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