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PAB categorizes all grant applications according to scientific research area, scientific program administrator and grants management specialist. We also facilitate the categorization of all funded grants with attributes that are used in analyses and data requests.

  • Grant Application Categorization: The Program Class Code (PCC) is an eight-digit code that forms the basis for assigning grant applications to Program Officers, Grants Management Specialists, and to particular areas of science supported by NIEHS. Each incoming grant application is assigned to one of over 70 programmatic areas of science supported by the institute via the PCC code. PAB has semi-automated this process using an algorithm that combines deep learning and text mining. The PCC is also used as the basis for the Who We Fund tool.
  • Grants Coding Database: The Grant Coding Database (GCDB) contains detailed scientific and programmatic information about NIEHS funded grants. Grant records contain basic grant information from QVR, including funding, PI, and other administrative data as well as the Abstract and Specific Aims for each grant. Grant coders review QVR source data and note EHS-relevant information ( GCDB Attributes (483KB)) to annotate each grant record.