Fellows' Career Development



Fellows' Career Development

Stipends for fellows at the NIH are adjusted yearly and set by the Scientific Directors. See below for the most current stipend levels.


Postdoctoral IRTA and Visiting Fellow Stipend Levels – effective May 1, 2023

Postdoctoral IRTA and Visiting Fellow Stipend Levels for NIEHS

ExperienceInitial StipendSecond YearThird YearFourth YearFifth Year
0-1 year$67,200$71,550$75,400$81,000$84,450
1-2 years$71,550$75,400$81,000$84,450$88,600
2-3 years$75,400$81,000$84,450$88,600$94,150
3-4 years$81,000$84,450$88,600$94,150$97,650
4-5 years$84,450$88,600$94,150$97,650$103,600
5-6 years*$88,600$94,150$97,650$103,600$107,100
6-7 years*$94,150$97,650$103,600$107, 100$111,050

* Used for fellows with an M.D. or similar professional degree to give credit for internship/residency years (for U.S. credentials only).

Predoctoral (Graduate Student) IRTA and Visiting Fellow Stipend Levels - effective May 1, 2023

Predoctoral IRTA and Visiting Fellow Stipend Ranges for NIEHS

Postbaccalaureate Education or Training Completed Upon Activation of Award*Initial StipendSecond YearThird YearFourth YearFifth Year
0-1 year$46,100$55,400$57,300$59,300$59,300
1-2 years$48,300$55,400$57,300$59,300$59,300
2-3 years$50,400$55,400$57,300$59,300$59,300
> 3 years$50,400$55,400$57,300$59,300$59,300

* Postbaccalaureate education or training completed upon activation of award can include relevant full-time/equivalent postbaccalaureate research experiences, professional, medical, and graduate school enrollment. If someone has, e.g., 1 year plus 3 months of education or training, he/she should receive the 1-2 year stipend.

Postbaccalaureate IRTA Stipend Levels - effective May 1, 2023

Postbaccalaureate IRTA Stipend Ranges for NIEHS

DegreeYears of ExperienceInitial StipendSecond YearThird Year
Bachelor’s0-1 year$41,700$52,600$54,900
1-2 years$43,900$52,600$54,900
2+ years$46,100$52,600$54,900
Master'sNot Applicable$48,600$60,200$62,500

Student IRTA Stipend Levels - effective May 1, 2023

Student IRTA Stipend Levels for NIEHS

Education Level CompletedMonthly Stipend
High SchoolBefore Graduation$2,530
After Graduation$2,840
UndergraduateAfter 1 year$3,010
After 2 years$3,150
After 3 years or >$3,310
GraduateLess than 1 year$3,480
After 1 year$3,660
After 2 years$3,910
After 3 years or >$4,190

Note about Stipends

If you are appointed as an IRTA/CRTA, you are a trainee and not an employee.

  • Your stipend will be reported on a form 1099G.
  • No FICA (Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid) taxes will be deducted from your stipend.
  • No income taxes, Federal or state, will be withheld.
  • You will be responsible for filing Federal and state income tax returns.  This means you should (1) save some funds to pay your taxes and (2) file estimated tax returns.

If you are a Research or Clinical Fellow, you are an employee, and your wages will be reported on a W2 form.

If you are a Visiting Fellow, your tax status will depend on your citizenship.  Please consult with the NIH Division of International Services.