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Short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) are an essential part of the microbe-host relationship in the mammalian gut and other microbiota interfaces throughout the body. Disruption of this key family of metabolites can shed light on disease mechanism and offer avenues toward metabolic therapy.

Despite their ubiquitous involvement in microbiome systems, accurate measurement of SCFAs requires special experimental considerations due to the high volatility of these molecules. We offer robust strategies for accurately quantifying SCFAs across a variety of biological matrices and species. With this molecular family, in particular, please reach out for experimental design consultation prior to sample collection for the best chance of success. Rapid derivatization of the sample as close in time to collection as possible is absolutely essential for successful data collection.


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  • Project requests should be directed to the Trans-NIH Metabolomics Core.
  • Questions about this offering should be directed to Benjamin (Benji) Schwarz, Ph.D.
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