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Disaster Research Response (DR2) Program


The DR2 Program provides training, funding, and a Resources Portal of tools to empower human health research in response to disasters and public health emergencies.

Program and Partners

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About the Program

Impetus, history, highlights, and goals of the future of the program at NIEHS.

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Community of Practice

DR2 facilitates collaborations among research, community, international, and other partners through the EHS Network.

Tools and Resources

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DR2 Resources Portal

A curated repository of data collection tools and resources for human health research in response to disasters and public health emergencies.

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Disaster Research Protocols

Guidance and protocols for collecting human health data in disasters and public health emergencies, including NIEHS RAPIDD protocol.

Support and Training

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Funding & Support

Announcements of funding opportunities, collaborations, and partners.

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Training & Education

Workshops, curricula, and other resources on how to conduct emergency and disaster research safely and effectively.

The National Institutes of Health Disaster Research Response (DR2) program leads U.S. efforts and works with global partners to improve capacity for timely research related to disasters and public health emergencies. NIEHS coordinates the program. For more information, please see: NIH Disaster Research Response (DR2) Program (1MB)