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Our mission is to discover how the environment affects people in order to promote healthier lives.


NIEHS maintains several newsletters in support of our ongoing research. Discover information about the scientific, policy, training and outreach efforts and activities at NIEHS to better understand the impact your environment has on your health.


NIEHS research uses state-of-the-art science and technology to investigate the interplay between environmental exposures, human biology, genetics, and common diseases to help prevent disease and improve human health.

Recently Published Research

December 2023
International Pooled Analysis of Leisure-time Physical Activity and Premenopausal Breast Cancer in Women From 19 Cohorts
Timmins IR, Jones ME, O’Brien KM, HO Adami, Aune D, Baglietto L, Bertrand KA, Brantley KD, Chen Y, DeHart JC, Clendenen TV, Dossus L, Eliassen AH, Fletcher O, Fournier A, Hakansson N, Hankinson SE, Houlston RS, Joshu CE, Kirsh, Kitahara CM, Koh WP, Linet MS, Park HL, Lynch BM, May AM, Mellemkjær L, Milne RL, Palmer JR, Ricceri F, Rohan TE, Ruddy KJ, Sanchez MJ, Shu XO, Smith-Byrne K, Steindorf K, Sund M, Vachon CM, Vatten LJ, Visvanathan K, Weiderpass E, Willet WC, Wolk A, Yuan JM, Wei Z, Nichols HB, Sandler DP, Swerdlow AJ, Schoemaker MJ.
December 2023
Automated, High-throughput Quantification of EGFP-expressing Neutrophils in Zebrafish by Machine Learning and a Highly-parallelized Microscope
Efromson J, Ferrero G, Bègue A, Doman TJJ, Dugo C, Barker A, Saliu V, Reamey P, Kim K, Harfouche M, Yoder JA.
Health and Education

As a publicly-funded institute, NIEHS is committed to conducting the most rigorous research in environmental health sciences, and to communicating the results of this research to the public.

Popular Health Topics

Science Education

NIEHS seeks to invest in the future of environmental health science by increasing awareness of the link between the environment and human health. Our website provides educators, students, and scientists access to reliable tools, resources, and classroom materials.

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