GA/KNN Software Usage Agreement and Download

Software Usage Agreement Webpage

Thank you for your interest in the program "GA/KNN." Use of the "GA/KNN" source code falls under the terms of acceptable use outlined below. These terms are subject to change without notice and at the discretion of Leping Li . By using the source included you agree to the following terms listed below. Please signify your agreement by completing the form, then clicking download to acquire the code. Information is for tracking purposes only and will not be shared.

  • You may modify the source code for your own applications freely.
  • Use this software at your own risk. The author of the software is not responsible for any problems that might occur from the use of this code.
  • You should give proper credit to the author by citing the two papers listed in the documentation.

Sample classification and variable selection for high-dimensional genomic data.

The source code is written in C for Linux and Unix platforms only. A C compiler (C or gcc) is needed to build the executable. Details on how to use the software is provided in Read Me.

Use the following command to unpack a compressed tar file:



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