In accordance with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Disability Plan for institute accessibility of individuals with disability, scooters will be made available for transportation within the Main Campus/Rall and Keystone Buildings. Individuals visiting or working within the these buildings who have motor impairments, respiratory or circulatory problems or any other disability warranting the use of a scooter may use them in accordance with the procedures for use.

User Responsibilities

  • A 24 hr a day/7 days a week Check Out Log will be available at the Reception Desk of the Rall Building. The log will be completed by the user requesting use for short periods of time not to exceed 2 hours. Scooters will be stationed by the Reception Desk. The user will obey operation guidance noted on the scooter.
  • A user may reserve a scooter for future use. There is a 10-minute grace period for pick-up. The scooter then becomes first-come, first-served for use.
  • A user must provide proper use and care of the equipment and must maintain the scooter key while it is in his or her possession. However, if a malfunction occurs during use, please return the scooter and the key to the Reception Desk of the Rall Building or the Security Office (984-287-4500). For maintenance and service contact:
Debi Del Corral
Chief, Operations and Security Branch;
Facility Liaison/Space Management
Tel 984-287-4359
[email protected]
  • In an alarmed emergency, the user must go to the nearest stairwell and wait for assistance, if he/she is not able to use the stairs.
  • The user connects the scooter to a charger. If the battery meter is in the red zone, the charger is located at the Reception Desk.

Maintenance Responsibilities

  • The vendor will provide a scooter maintenance agreement, with a loaner clause, and initial user training.
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Officer (EEO) will provide quarterly user training sessions.
  • EEO will provide Check Out Logs. During Receptionists hours the log and the keys will be found at the Reception Desk. The Security Office, near the Building 101 lobby, will have the log and keys at other times.

Sanctions for Improper Use

  • Notice in writing
  • Use of service suspended
  • No use