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General Administrative Supplements

Superfund Research Program

General Administrative Supplements are requests for additional funds to meet emergency or other unanticipated situations that result in unforeseen costs (formerly known as "SRP Urgent Supplements") or to follow up on unanticipated results or to enhance components of research that have been unexpectedly productive (formerly known as "SRP Technology Transfer Supplements"). SRP is particularly interested in providing support for activities that move SRP-funded research and discoveries toward their application, such as: engaging impacted communities in the testing of SRP-developed field sensors, investigating SRP-developed biomarker potential for new high-throughput screening platforms, or utilizing SRP-developed analytical methodologies to assess real-world exposure sources. The SRP also provides general administrative supplements to promote diversity in the biomedical, environmental science and engineering, and social sciences (e.g., community engagement and research translation) workforce. For more information, see “Administrative Supplements to Promote Diversity in SRP-Related Research”.

Grantees interested in submitting General Administrative Supplements should follow these instructions:

  • Contact your assigned SRP Program Administrator (Danielle Carlin -, Michelle Heacock -, or Heather Henry - about the nature of the request and to determine whether the Administrative Supplement process is appropriate for the request. There are three receipt dates per year, as provided on the NIEHS Administrative Supplements webpage. Please contact your Program Administrator at least three weeks before the receipt date of the supplement application. Grantees are highly encouraged to submit supplement requests by the May due date (May 21, 2018) for potential funding within a given fiscal year (i.e., before August 28, 2018). Applications received after the May receipt date will not be guaranteed for funding within the associated fiscal year. For grantee planning purposes, the earliest anticipated funding date would be three months after the date of application submission (depending on availability of funds and Congressional Appropriation).
  • The “SRP General Administrative Supplement” request should be submitted through your institution's business official (AOR) electronically through using NIH ASSIST, Workspace, or institutional system-to-system (S2S) solutions (for more information, see: Notice of Requirement for Electronic Submission of all Administrative Supplements: NOT-OD-20-128).
  • The following components should be included in the request in one pdf in the following order:
    • A cover letter from the Principal Investigator describing the nature of the request (i.e., Center Director for P42s or PI for R01 and SBIR/STTR grants). If the supplement request is urgent, that should be indicated in the letter with a detailed justification.
    • A completed face page (with appropriate signatures) from Grant Application Form PHS 398. Include the title and grant number of the parent grant on line 1, and on line 2, use the name "SRP General Administrative Supplement."
    • A detailed budget using the PHS 398 form, pages 4, 5, and the Checklist form page. Note: for supplements involving travel (e.g., trainee travel to a scientific meeting), indirect costs cannot be applied.
    • A budget justification narrative should be provided. Note: supplement requests may not cover costs that were requested in the parent grant. If necessary, distinguish supplement budget request from costs approved in the parent grant to show no overlap exists. Salary increases are not permitted and level of effort must not exceed 12 months for total support.
    • A brief three-page description that identifies the opportunity and a justification of special circumstances that necessitate the supplement. Please include the proposed aims of the activity and information about the SRP project/core and its aims (briefly), and a justification of the budget. Keep in mind that supplements need to be in the scope of the original project/core, so the proposal should not request to do something that is significantly different than the original proposal. The description should be scientifically defensible, should clearly convey the potential impact of the activity, and should be relevant to Superfund. Descriptions should be written so that they can be easily understood by individuals outside of your specific area of expertise. Abbreviations should be spelled out and highly technical language/terms that may not be known to the broader scientific community should be avoided unless clearly defined.
    • Documentation, if applicable, that the proposed research experience was approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) or human subjects Institutional Review Board (IRB) at the grantee institution must be provided. Adherence to the NIH policy for including women and minorities in clinical studies must also be insured, if additional human subjects' involvement is planned for the supplement component.
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