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Genome Integrity & Structural Biology Laboratory Seminar Series

Genome Integrity & Structural Biology Laboratory

When & Where:

Time Day of Week Location
1:00 p.m. Thursdays F193


Date Speaker Topic
January 9 Bill Copeland Mitochondrial DNA Mutagenesis
January 16 Tom Kunkel The Fidelity With Which Yeast Nuclear Dna Replication Initiates and Is Completed
January 23 Scott Williams Structure-function Studies of DNA Replication and Repair
January 30   OPEN
February 6 Rajen Prasad Role of RARP-1 in Mammalian BER
February 13 Brad Klemm dNTP Triphosphohydrolases
February 20 Eugene DeRose What Can NMR Do For You?
February 27 Lars Pedersen Recent Results in Collaborative Crystallography
March 5 Zhixiong Zhou Polymerase Extrinsic Proofreading Is a Major Determinant of DNA Replication Fidelity
March 12 Dmitry Gordenin Mutation Load and Mutation Signatures
March 19 Percy Tumbale Structure-function Studies of DNA Replication and Repair
March 26 Sam Wilson Mechanism of DNA Synthesis in BER
April 2 Natasha Degtyareva Oxidative DNA-damaging Agents and Antioxidants: Foes or Friends?
April 9 Juliana Mello Beyond Isolation, In-situ Structure Determination
April 16 Sal Syed Studies on the Processing of Ribonucleotides Incorporated During DNA Replication
April 23 Matt Longley Fun With Mitochondria
April 29-30   GISBL Retreat, RTP Center
May 7 Joonas Jamsen Crystallography of Mammalian X-family DNA Polymerases
May 14 Bob Petrovich Protein Expression at the NIEHS
May 21 Tejas Patel Structure-function Studies of DNA Replication and Repair
May 28 Camille Giacobone DNA Repair Defects and Mutagenesis in Humans
June 4 Jonathan Bouvette Can I Schedule a Screening Session for My AI? The Future of Cryo-EM
June 11 Lalith Perera Biomolecular Interactions Evaluated Through Molecular Dynamics Simulations
June 18 Kasia Bebenek DNA Polymerases in NHEJ
June 25 Yesenia Rodriguez Understanding ER in Nucleosomes
July 2   Open for July 4 Holiday
July 9 Geoff Mueller A ‘New’ Peanut Allergen Ara h1
July 16 Oya Bermek Structure-function Studies of DNA Replication and Repair
July 23 Victoria Placentra TBA
July 30 Jessica Williams The Importance of DNA Ligase I in Replication Fidelity
August 6   Reserved for Special Event
August 13   BREAK
August 20   BREAK
August 27 Natalie Saini Mutation Spectra and Signatures in Healthy Humans
September 3 Anirban Kar TBA
September 10 Margaret Gustafson S. Pombe Mitochondrial DNA Replication
September 17 Roel Schaaper TBA
September 24 Mercy Arana The Role of Yeast DNA Ligase 1 in Maintaining Genome Stability
October 1 Amanda Riccio Structure-function Studies of DNA Replication and Repair
October 8 Jungki Min Optimistic for Structures by 10/8
October 15 Cristina Nadalutti Deregulation of One-carbon Metabolism and Mitochondrial DSBs
October 22 Alex Foo Dual Properties of the Mosquito Protein AZ1
October 29 Libertad Garcia-Villada Can Transcriptional Mutagenesis Contribute to Antibiotic Resistance?
November 5   NIEHS Science Days
November 12 Scott Lujan Mapping Polymerase Usage and the Mutagenic Consequences Thereof
November 19 Jessica Wojtaszek Structure-function Studies of DNA Replication and Repair
November 26   THANKSGIVING
December 3 Eric Sullivan Understanding Pol γ-Catalyzed DNA Synthesis and mtDNA Breakpoints
December 10 Niketa Bhawsinghka TBA
December 17   Holiday Party


Date Speaker Topic
January 7 Joe Dahl Mechanistic Studies of DNA Polymerase Mutations
January 14 Denise Appel Structure-function Studies of DNA Replication and Repair
January 21 Hiro Igawa Oxidative Stress and Structure/function Relationships of an RNA-binding Protein
January 28 Paul Doetsch TBA
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