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Trainees Action Committee (TAC)

Genome Integrity & Structural Biology Laboratory

About TAC

The Genome Integrity and Structural Biology Laboratory Trainees Action Committee develops and organizes a departmental retreat, as well as identifies and invites outside speakers to NIEHS.

TAC Invited Speakers

Date of Seminar TAC Speaker Host Lab
March 4, 2019 Wenyi Feng Kunkel
April 10, 2019 Gianluca Tell Wilson
Aug. 5, 2019 Ashok Bhagwat Schaaper
Sept. 24, 2019 Tom Petes Doetsch
Oct. 4, 2019 Wei Yang Copeland
Oct. 22, 2019 Edward Cuppen Gordenin
Nov. 15, 2019 Agnel Sfeir Williams

TAC-Sponsored Socials

Date Host Group
Jan. 24, 2019 Wilson
Feb. 21, 2019 Pedersen
March 21, 2019 Gordenin
April 25, 2019 Borgnia
May 23, 2019 Schaaper
June 20, 2019 London
July 11, 2019 Williams
Sept. 19, 2019 Copeland
Oct. 24, 2019 Doetsch

TAC Members

TAC Members (2019-2020) Position in TAC
Joe Bouvette (Borgnia group) Comms – Website
Eric Sullivan (Copeland group) Seminars – Travel TAC Vice-Chair
Victoria (Tori) Placentra (Doestch group) Comms – Social
Alex Foo (London group) Retreat Co-Chair
Thuy-Ai Nguyen TAC Chair Emeritus
Camille Giacobone (Resnick group) Seminars – Room Res
Zhixiong Zhou (Kunkel group) NTA Rep
Brad Klemm (Schaaper group ) TAC Chair
Cristina Nadalutti (Wilson group) Retreat Co-chair
Jessica Wojtaszek (Williams group) Retreat Co-chair
Jungki Min (Pedersen group) Member
Tom Stanley (Petrovich group) Member
Monica Pillon (Stanley group) TAC Chair Emeritus
Lalith Perera TAC PI Advisor

TAC Members (2017-2018) Position in TAC
Kiri Hoff (Copeland group) NTA representative
Kyungmin Kim (London group) Retreat co-chair
Thuy-Ai Nguyen (Resnick group) Past TAC chair
Cynthia Sakofsky (Gordenin group) Seminar Series co-chair (room reservations)
Zhixiong Zhou (Kunkel group) Seminar Series co-chair (speaker travel)
Brad Klemm (Schaaper group) Communication co-chair (socials)
Yesenia Rodriguez (Wilson group) Communication co-chair (website)
Jessica Wojtaszek (Williams group) Retreat co-chair
Jungki Min (Pedersen group) Retreat co-chair
Tom Stanley (Petrovich group) Retreat biologist rep
Monica Pillon (Stanley group) TAC chair
Geoff Mueller Retreat PI adviser
Oswaldo Lozoya (Woychik group) TAC vice-chair

TAC Members (2016-2017) Position in TAC
Kiri Hoff (Copeland group) Communications co-chair (social)
Ma Wan (former) Retreat co-chair
Peter Thompson (London group) NTA representative
Thuy-Ai Nguyen (Resnick group) Past chair
Natalie Saini (Gordenin group) NTAC seminar co-chair (room reservations)
Marta Garbacz (Kunkel group) TAC seminar co-chair (speaker travel)
Katie Glenn (Schaaper group) Member
Joonas Jamsen (Wilson group) Communication co-chair (website)
Sara Andres (Williams group) TAC chair
Jungki Min (Pedersen group) Retreat co-chair
Tom Stanley (Petrovich group) Retreat biologist rep
Monica Pillon (Stanley group) Retreat co-chair
Lars Pedersen Retreat PI adviser
Fuhua Xu (Woychik group) Member

TAC Members (2014-2015) Position in TAC
Sara Andres (Williams group) Speaker series co-chair
Melike Caglayan (Wilson group) Communications co-chair
Molly Cook (Petrovich group) Member
Chris Crowl (Bell group) Communication co-chair
Tom Stanley (Copeland group) NTA representative
Monica Pillon (Schaaper group) Retreat co-chair
Jungki Min (Pedersen group) Member
Thuy-Ai Nguyen (Resnick group) Chair
Clinton Orebaugh (Kunkel group) Retreat co-chair
Natalie Saini (Gordenin group) Retreat co-chair
Peter Thompson (London group) Speaker series co-chair
Kelly Daughtry (former) Retreat co-chair
Xunhai Zheng (former) Speaker series co-chair
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