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Community Engagement and Research Translation

Superfund Research Program

The Superfund Research Program (SRP) is about more than basic research. The SRP proactively communicates its scientific accomplishments to its stakeholders — whether to the public through community outreach and engagement, to industry via technology transfer, or to government through partnerships.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

SRP defines Community Engagement as the bidirectional interaction between community stakeholders and research centers.

The SRP has a strong history of seeking opportunities for working with communities and sharing research findings with communities and community-serving organizations in a useful and informative manner.

SRP's Community Engagement Cores (CEC) serve to enhance knowledge exchange and to support the needs of communities impacted by hazardous-waste sites. Partnerships with communities and community-serving organizations are the cornerstone of such CEC activities as:

  • Assisting a community in accessing pertinent information or translating materials into its native language;
  • Partnering with tribes in determining exposure pathways relevant to their traditional and cultural practices; and
  • Providing scientific expertise in response to a community's questions.
See the Grant Recipient Community Engagement webpage to find contact information for all currently funded grant recipients.


Research Translation

Research Translation

SRP defines Research Translation as communicating—and facilitating the application of—its grant recipients' accomplishments.

In addition to outreach and engagement, the SRP facilitates the translation of its grant recipients' scientific accomplishments. Each SRP Center's Research Translation activities help maintain effective communications within SRP; establish partnerships with government agencies; administer technology transfers; and disseminate information to other end users, including the general public.

See the Grant Recipient Research Translation webpage to find contact information for all currently funded grant recipients.



Providing information about program accomplishments and research findings

Communication and collaboration

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