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Rat Embedding Suggestions

Necropsy Support

  • CMPB/NTP Rat Embedding Suggestions 
    • Liver, Lung, Prostrate, Mesenteric Lymph Nodes, Seminal Vesicle, Urinary Bladder, Testis and Epididymis, Thryoid, Trachea, Esophagus, Parathroid, Kidneys, Adrenals & Pituitary, Salivary Gland, Heart, Spleen, Aorta, Thymus, & Tounge, Muscle & Sciatic nerve, Skin with Mammary Gland, Intestines & Pancreas, Stomach, Brain & Spinal Cord
    • Spinal Cord, Nasal Turbinates, Eyes, Harderian glands, Zymbals Gland, Lacrimal Gland, Sternum, Uterine Horns, Mesenteric Lymph Node, Urinary Bladder, Cervix & Vagina, Ovaries with Oviducts, Femur, Clitoral Glands Preputial Glands


Adrenals thumb


Bladder thumb

Brain L1 Olfactory Bulbs

Brain L1 Olfactory Bulbs thumb

Brain L2-L4

Brain L2-L4 thumb

Brain L5-L7

Brain L5-L7 thumb

Clitoral Gland

Clitoral Gland thumb


Epididymis thumb

Eye 01

Eye 01 thumb

Eye 02

Eye 02 thumb


Femur thumb

Harderian Glands

Harderian Glands thumb

Heart Aorta Tongue

Heart Aorta Tongue thumb

Ileum Cecum Colon Rectum

Ileum Cecum Colon Rectum thumb


Kidney thumb


Larynx thumb


Liver thumb

Lung Apical Cardiac

Lung Apical Cardiac thumb

Lung Diaphragmatic Accessory

Lung Diaphragmatic Accessory thumb

Lung Left Lobe

Lung Left Lobe thumb

Mesenteric Mandibular Bronchial Lymph

Mesenteric Mandibular Bronchial Lymph thumb

Nasal Turbinates L1-L2

Nasal Turbinates L1-L2 thumb

Nasal Turbinates L3

Nasal Turbinates L3 thumb


Ovaries thumb


Pancreas thumb


Pituitary thumb

Preputial Glands

Preputial Gland thumb

Prostate Sem Ves Coag Gland

Prostate Sem Ves Coag Gland thumb

Skeletal Muscle Nerve

Skeletal Muscle Nerve thumb

Skin Mammary

Skin Mammary thumb

Spinal Cord

Spinal Cord thumb

Spleen Thymus

Spleen Thymus thumb

Stomach Duodenum Jejunum

Stomach Duodenum Jejunum thumb


Testes thumb

Thyroid Parathyroid Esophagus Trachea

Thyroid Parathyroid Esophagus Trachea thumb


Uterus thumb

Vagina Uterine Horn Cross Section

Vagina Uterine Horn Cross Section thumb


Zymbals thumb

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