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Preliminary definitions of improvement for myositis published



As the result of a series of international consensus workshops, IMACS partially validated Preliminary Definitions of Improvement for Adult and Juvenile Myositis. This achievement is the result of over a decade of investigations by IMACS members to validate and derive Core Set Measures of Disease Activity and develop consensus on clinically meaningful change in these measures. The new Preliminary Definitions of Improvement are being recommended for use as outcome measures in all clinical trials and outcome studies of adult and juvenile myositis.


Rider LG, Giannini EH, Brunner HI, Ruperto N, James-Newton L, Reed AM, Lachenbruch PA, Miller FW; International Myositis Assessment and Clinical Studies Group. International Consensus On Preliminary Definitions of Improvement for Adult and Juvenile Myositis, Arthritis Rheum., 2004 Jul, 50(7):2281-90 [Abstract]


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