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Events Environmental Health Language Collaborative

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Date Event Title Speakers Materials
August 4, 2023 How to Improve Metadata Reporting Through Better Data Dictionaries
  • Jeanette Stingone, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health
June 1, 2023 Methods2AOP: An international and interdisciplinary effort to strengthen the role of test methods in the Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) framework
  • Clemens Wittwehr, European Commission, Joint Research Centre
January 13, January 19, and February 1, 2023 Sharing Your Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) Data: Metadata, Standards, and Tools (Virtual Workshop)
  • The workshop featured over 20 speakers and breakout room facilitators. Please visit the EHLC Workshop Agenda under the Materials list for speaker information.
December 16, 2022 The Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Consortium (CANUE): a data platform to support environmental research in Canada (Virtual Webinar)
  • Dany Doiron, PhD, McGill University Health Centre
October 7, 2022 BioLink Model (Virtual Webinar)
  • Karamarie (Kara) Fecho, PhD, Copperline Professional Solutions, LLC
  • Sierra Moxon, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
June 3, 2022 Occupational History Webinar: Best Practices and Tools for Collecting, Coding, and Using Occupational Information (Virtual Webinar)
  • Marie Haring Sweeney, PhD, MPH
  • Stacey Marovich, MHI, MS
  • Jennifer Cornell, JD, all of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
April 4, 2022 Use Case Champions Webinar (Virtual Webinar)
  • Michelle Angrish, PhD, US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Jeanette Stingone, PhD, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health
  • Carmen Marsit, PhD, Emory University
  • Chirag Patel, PhD, Harvard Medical School
  • Steve Edwards, PhD, RTI International
December 10, 2021 Knowledge Bases As a Tool to Understand the Intersection of Genes, Phenotypes, and Environment (Virtual Workshop)
  • Julie McMurry, MPH, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
September 9–10, 2021 Catalyzing Knowledge-driven Discovery in Environmental Health Sciences Through a Harmonized Language (Virtual Workshop)
  • Please visit the Agenda under the Materials list for speaker information.
July 20, 2021 A Primer of Using Terminologies, Vocabularies, and Ontologies for Knowledge Organization (Virtual Webinar)
  • Nicole Vasilevsky, PhD
  • Anne Thessen, PhD, all of University of Colorado at Anschutz
June 24, 2021 The Value of Creating Language and Community in Catalyzing Knowledge-Driven Discovery in Environmental Health Research (Virtual Webinar)
  • Please visit the Agenda under the materials list for speaker information.
September 9–10, 2019 Computable Exposures Workshop (Hybrid in Person/Online Workshop)
  • The workshop featured over 10 speakers and breakout room participants. Please visit the Meeting Agenda link under the Materials list for speaker info.
September 15–16, 2014 Workshop for the Development of a Framework for Environmental Health Science Language (Workshop)
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