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News & Updates PEGS: Personalized Environment and Genes Study

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September 2021

The Environmental Polymorphisms Registry (EPR) has been renamed the Personalized Environment and Genes Study (PEGS) to reflect the expanded scope of the study in terms of data, research and analyses.

PEGS has registered 19,672 North Carolina residents and includes rapidly expanding sets of high-dimensional data that comprise:

  • Responses to a Health and Exposure Survey, Internal Exposome Survey and External Exposome Survey.
  • Electronic health and medical records (EHR and EMR), including International Classification of Diseases (ICD) information.
  • Whole genome sequencing data.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data.

The large-scale and multi-dimensional data collected from the PEGS allow researchers to dissect the etiology of diseases and identify the collective effects of environment, diet, lifestyle, and genetic factors on human health.


PEGS newsletters provide participants, scientific collaborators and others with an overview of the latest study activities and findings. They can be accessed from the PEGS enrollment website.

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