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Your Environment. Your Health.

Seminar Series

Reproductive & Developmental Biology Laboratory

Fridays, 11:00 a.m. – noon

Upcoming Seminars

6/2023 – 8/2023
Seminar Title: Fellows Summer Seminar Series

Past Seminars


1/6/2023 (Hybrid)
Ciro Amato, Ph.D., NIEHS
Seminar Title: The Cellular Origins of Penile Birth Defects
Host: Yao

1/20/23 (Zoom)
Douglas B. Menke Ph.D., University of Georgia
Seminar Title: A New Model System for Functional Genetic Studies of Reptile Development and Evolution
Host: Yao

1/27/23 (Hybrid)
Robert E. Braun, Ph.D., The Jackson Laboratory
Seminar Title: Discovery of the Infertility Genome through the Knockout Mouse Project (KOMP)
Host: Morgan

2/3/23 (Zoom)
James Hurley, Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley
Seminar Title: Switches that Turn Autophagy and Lysosome Biogenesis On and Off
Host: Guardia

2/10/23 (Zoom)
Diana E. Libuda, Ph.D., University of Oregon
Seminar Title: Breaking and Repairing the Immortal Genome in Developing Sperm and Eggs
Host: Yao

2/24/2023 (Hybrid)
Anton M. Jetten, Ph.D., NIEHS
Seminar Title: GLIs1-3: Linking Transcriptional Regulation to Physiological Functions and Disease
Host: Morgan

3/3/2023 (Zoom)
Saher Sue Hammound, Ph.D., University of Michigan Medical School
Seminar Title: Equalizing Epigenetically Imprinted Centromeres in early Mammalian Embryos
Host: Morgan

3/17/23 (Zoom)
Qi Chen, Ph.D., University of Utah School of Medicine
Seminar Title: Sperm RNA-Mediated Epigenetic Inheritance in Mammals: Challenges and Opportunities
Host: Morgan

3/31/23 (Hybrid)
Jason D. Heaney, Ph.D., Baylor School of Medicine
Seminar Title: Genome Editing in Mice: From Human Disease Gene Discovery to Precision Therapy
Host: Gruzdev

4/7/2023 (Zoom)
Margherita Y. Turco, Ph.D., University of Basel Fredrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical
Seminar Title: Human Placental and Endometrial Organoids: A Window into Women’s Reproductive Health in Development and Disease
Host: DeMayo

4/14/23 (In Person)
Virginia Savy, Ph.D., NIEHS
Seminar Title: Unlocking the Secrets of Calcium Oscillations at Fertilization
Host: Williams

4/21/23 (Zoom)
Audrey Gaskins, Ph.D., Emory University
Seminar Title: Air Pollution, Extreme Heat, and Human Reproduction
Host: DeMayo


01/14/2022 (Zoom)
T. Rejendra Kumar, Ph.D., University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Seminar Title: Mouse Models for Pituitary Null Cell/Gonadotrope Tumors
Host: Yao

01/21/2022 (Zoom)
Jennifer McKey, Ph.D., UNC School of Medicine
Seminar Title: Integrating Mouse Ovary Morphogenesis With the Development of the Oviduct, Ovarian Ligaments, and Rete Ovarii
Host: Yao

1/28/2022 (Zoom)
Bala Rao, Ph.D., North Carolina State University
Seminar Title: Trophoblast Stem Cell Models for Human Placental Development
Host: DeMayo

2/4/2022 (Zoom)
James C. Fleet, Ph.D., University of Texas
Seminar Title: The Impact of Vitamin D Status and Signaling on Cancer
Host: Trainees

2/11/2022 (Zoom)
Utpal Banerjee, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Seminar Title: Developmental Metabolism: In the Lonely World of the Preimplantation Embryo, Metabolism Drives Development
Host: Williams

2/18/2022 • 9:00 a.m. (Zoom)
James Turner, Ph.D., Francis Crick Institute, London, United Kingdom
Seminar Title: How to Regulate Sex Ratios and X-dosage in Mammals
Host: Yao

3/18/2022 (Zoom)
John Cidlowski, Ph.D., NIEHS
Seminar Title: Nuclear Receptor Synergy Creates Diversity in Function
Host: DeMayo

3/25/2022 (Zoom)
Jose Rodriguez, Ph.D., NIEHS
Seminar Title: Enhancing Our View of the Heterogenous Estrogen Response in Breast Cancer
Host: DeMayo

4/01/2022 (Zoom)
Patricia Jensen, Ph.D., NIEHS
Seminar Title: Intersectional Genetic Strategies to Uncover Functional Heterogeneity in the Noradrenergic System
Host: DeMayo

4/15/2022 • 9:00 a.m. (Zoom)
Alain Chedotal, Ph.D., INSERM
Seminar Title: 3D Analysis of Sex Differentiation in Human Embryos
Host: Yao

4/15/2022 (Zoom)
Prabhakara Poothi, Ph.D., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Seminar Title: Regulation of Male Germ Cell-specific Gene Transcription
Host: Morgan

4/22/2022 (Zoom)
Jason Watts, M.D., Ph.D., NIEHS
Seminar Title: Nascent RNA Structures Regulate RNA Polymerase Pausing
Host: DeMayo

4/29/2022 (Zoom)
Ayman Al-Hendy, Ph.D., University of Chicago
Seminar Title: Uterine Fibroids: Where Do They Come From? How Best to Treat Them?
Host: DeMayo

5/06/2022 (Zoom)
Michael J. Soares, Ph.D., University of Kansas
Seminar Title: Regulatory Events at the Uterine-placental Interface
Host: Guardia

5/13/2022 (Zoom)
Joseph Rodriguez, Ph.D., NIEHS
Seminar Title: Enhancing Our View of the Heterogenous Estrogen Response in Breast Cancer
Host: DeMayo

6/2022 – 8/2022
Seminar Title: Fellow Summer Seminar Series

9/16/2022 (Zoom)
Marie-Helene Verlhac, Ph.D., Collage of France
Seminar Title: Cytoplasmic Forces Organize the Oocyte Nucleus across Scales
Host: Williams

9/23/2022 (Hybrid)
Theresa Powell, Ph.D., University of Colorado, Anschulz Medical Campus
Seminar Title: Placental Lipids and their role in Placental Function and Fetal Development
Host: Guardia

9/30/2022 (Hybrid)
Alan K. Jarmusch, Ph.D., NIEHS
Seminar Title: The NIEHS Metabolomics Core Facility: Current Untargeted Metabolomics Offerings and Future Directions
Host: Yao

10/7/2022 (Zoom)
Erica Watson, Ph.D., Newnham College University of Cambridge
Seminar Title: Defective Folate Metabolism and the Inheritance of Placental Epigenetic Instability Leading to Phenotype
Host: Guardia

10/14/2022 (Zoom)
Margareta D. Pisarska, M.D., Cedars Sinai Medical Center
Seminar Title: Sex Differences in the Placenta Throughout Gestation
Host: DeMayo

10/21/2022 (Hybrid)
Robin Stanley, Ph.D., NIEHS
Seminar Title: Mechanisms of RNA Recognition and Cleavage by Ribonucleases
Host: Morgan

10/28/2022 (Hybrid)
Marcos Morgan, Ph. D., NIEHS
Seminar Title: Metastable mRNA poly(A) Tail Lengths Regulate Cell Differentiation
Host: DeMayo

11/18/2022 (Hybrid)
Kelly Ferguson, Ph.D., M.P.H., NIEHS
Seminar Title: Phthalates and preterm birth: A Pooled Analysis of 16 US Cohorts
Host: Guardia

Fei Chen, Ph.D., Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT
Seminar Title: Next Generation Tools for Spatial and Temporal Genomics
Host: Amato

12/9/2022 (Zoom)
Kate Lawrenson, Ph.D., Cedars Sinai Medical Center
Seminar Title: Single Cell Transcriptomic Analyses of Endometriosis
Host: DeMayo


01/08/2021 (Zoom) Rong Li, Ph.D.
Seminar Title: TRIM28, a Novel Partner of PGR in Regulating Uterine Biology
Host: DeMayo/Chi

01/15/2021 (Zoom) Zelieann Craig
Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
Seminar Title: Mechanisms of Phthalate-induced Reproductive Dysfunction
Host: Yao/Rattan

01/22/2021 (Zoom) Olivia Rissland
Assistant Professor, University of Colorado
Seminar Title: Control of RNA Binding Proteins During Early Embryogenesis
Host: Morgan/Baptissart

01/29/2021 (Zoom) Donna Baird, Ph.D.
Senior Investigator, NIEHS
Seminar Title: The Study of Environment, Lifestyle & Fibroid: Fibroids and Beyond
Host: Williams/Jefferson

02/05/2021 (Zoom) Steve Wu, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist, NIEHS
Seminar Title: Molecular Mechanisms for Myometrial Homeostasis -- Progesterone Receptor and Beyond
Host: DeMayo/Emery

02/12/2021 (Zoom) Mala Mahendroo
Professor, UT Southwestern
Seminar Title: Cervical Remodeling in Term and Preterm Birth: Two Paths With a Common Endpoint
Host: DeMayo/Chi

02/19/2021 (Zoom) Francesca Duncan
Assistant Professor, Northwestern
Seminar Title: The Aging Ovarian Microenvironment: Linking Stromal Fibrosis, Inflammation, and the Hyaluronan Matrix
Host: Williams/Stein

02/26/2021 (Zoom) TCRB Meeting

03/05/2021 (Zoom) Dorrie Lamb
Professor, Weill Cornell Medical School
Georgina Garcia, Assistant
Seminar Title: The Genomic Basis of Congenital Genitourinary Birth Defects in the Male
Host: DeMayo/Chi

03/12/2021 (Zoom) Amander Clark
Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
Seminar Title: Regenerating the Human Germline from Pluripotent Stem Cells
Host: Williams/Savy

03/19/2021 (Zoom) Raj Kumar
Professor, University of Colorado Anschutz
Seminar Title: Gonadotropin Re-routing and Ovarian Function
Host: Yao/Nicol

03/26/2021 (Zoom) Valerie Horsley
Associate Professor, Yale University
Seminar Title: Under the Hood: Mechanisms of Skin Repair
Host: Kamiya Bridges/Rattan

04/02/2021 • 9:00 a.m. (Zoom) Eva Maria Novoa Pardo
Group Leader, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain
Special Seminar Title: Quantitative Profiling of RNA Modification Dynamics in Individual RNA Molecules Using Nanopore Sequencing
Host: Morgan/Gupta

04/09/2021 (Zoom) Martin Cohn
Professor, University of Florida
Special Seminar Title: Development of Vertebrate External Genitalia
Host: Yao/Amato

04/16/2021 (Zoom) Maria Viveiros
Associate Professor, University of Georgia
Seminar Title: Bisphenol Compounds Exert Cytoskeletal Disrupting Activity in Mammalian Oocytes and Pre-implantation Embryos
Host: Williams/Kafer

04/23/2021 (Zoom) Brian Rowan
Associate Professor, Tulane University School of Medicine
Seminar Title: Role of Estrogen Receptor Alpha Phosphorylation in Physiology and Disease
Host: Myeongjin Yi (MJ)/Kafer

04/30/2021 (Zoom) Jose Cibelli
Professor, Michigan State University
Seminar Title: Removing Roadblocks in Animal Cloning - Are We There Yet?
Host: DeMayo/Li

05/07/2021 (Zoom) Genevieve Neal-Perry
Professor, University of North Carolina
Seminar Title: It’s Hot in Here — Understanding the Biology of Hot Flashes and New Therapeutic Interventions
Host: Williams/Jefferson

05/14/2021 (Zoom) Barbara Nicol, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist, NIEHS
Seminar Title: A Journey Through the Life of the Ovary: The Multiple Functions of the Transcription Factor RUNX1
Host: Yao/Rodriquez

05/21/2021 (Zoom) Ru-pin Alicia Chi, Ph.D.
Postdoc, NIEHS
Seminar Title: The Versatility of the Kinase Protein Wnk1 in Regulating Reproductive Functions
Host: DeMayo/Wu

05/28/2021 (Zoom) Ciro Amato III, Ph.D.
Postdoc, NIEHS
Seminar Title: Our Differences Make Us Complete: The Identification of Novel Cell Populations in Penis Development and Their Involvement in Hypospadias
Host: Yao/Rattan

09/10/2021 (Zoom)
Francesco Demayo, Ph.D., NIEHS
Seminar Title: Identification and Function of Modifiers of Progesterone Receptor Action During Pregnancy

09/17/2021 (Zoom)
Folami Ideraabdullah, Ph.D., UNC School of Medicine
Seminar Title: Using Mouse Models to Study Heterogeneity in Response to Environmental Exposures
Host: Yao

09/24/2021 (Zoom)
Paul Wade, Ph.D., NIEHS
Seminar Title: Looking for the Needle in the Haystack: How Do Transcription Factors Find Their Binding Sites in Large Genomes?
Host: Demayo

10/01/2021 (Zoom)
Xiaoqiu Wang, Ph.D., North Carolina State University
Seminar Title: Uterine-specific SIRT1 Deficiency Confers Premature Uterine Aging and Impairs Decidualization, Embryo Invasion and Spacing in Mice
Host: Demayo

10/08/2021 (Zoom)
Melina Schuh, Ph.D., Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry
Seminar Title: Illuminating the Beginning of Life
Host: Williams

10/22/2021 (Zoom)
Francis Poulat, Ph.D., Institute of Human Genetics
Seminar Title: TRIM28-dependent SUMOylation Protects the Adult Ovary From Activation of the Testicular Pathway
Host: Yao

10/29/2021 (Zoom)
Ashley Moffett, University of Cambridge
Seminar Title: Compromise at the Maternal/Fetal Interface Early in Pregnancy
Host: Guardia

11/05/2021 (Zoom)
Henrik Kaessmann, Ph.D., Heidelberg University
Seminar Title: The Evolution of Mammalian Spermatogenesis
Host: Demayo

11/12/2021 (Zoom)
Bill Theurkauf , Ph.D., University of Massachusetts
Seminar Title: The piRNA Response to Retroviral Invasion of the Germline
Host: Morgan/Williams

Patricia Ann Hunt
Seminar Title: The Environmental Sensitivity of the Mammalian Germline
Host: Williams


01/10/2020 (D450) Alison Motsinger-Reif, Ph.D.
Biostatistics & Computational Biology Branch, NIEHS
Seminar Title: "Genome Wide Association Mapping of Cancer Drug Response"
Host: Dr. Humphrey Yao

01/17/2020 (D450) Stephanie Pangas
Baylor College of Medicine
Seminar Title: "Regulation of Oocyte Development Through Protein SUMOylation"
Host: Dr. Humphrey Yao

01/24/2020 Terry Lechler
Duke University
Seminar Title: "Cytoskeletal Control of Tissue Morphogenesis and Function"
Host: Trainees

01/31/2020 Martin Cohn
University of Florida
Seminar Title: "Developmental of Vertebrate External Genitalia"
Host: Dr. Humphrey Yao

02/07/2020 Shioko Kimura
Seminar Title: "Secretoglobin 3A2: A Novel Multi-functional Cytokine"
Host: Dr. Masahiko Negishi

02/14/2020 Jonathan Busada, Ph.D.
Signal Transduction Laboratory, NIEHS
Seminar Title: "Stress and Sex Regulation of Gastric Inflammation"
Host: Dr. Ciro Amato

02/21/2020 Elizabeth Gjoneska, Ph.D.
Seminar Title: "Epigenomic Changes Reveal Mechanisms of Microglia Dysfunction in Neurodegeneration"
Host: Dr. Marcos Morgan

02/28/2020 Benedict Anchang, Ph.D.
Biostatistics & Computational Biology Branch, NIEHS
Seminar Title: "Optimal Visualization of Normal and Disease Progression at Single-Cell Resolution for Personalized Medicine"
Host: Dr. Marcos Morgan

03/06/2020 Chuan He
University of Chicago
Seminar Title: "RNA Methylation in Gene Expression Regulation"
Host: Dr. Marcos Morgan

03/20/2020 Symposium for Ken Korach, Ph.D.
followed by TCRB meeting on March 21

04/03/2020 Donna Baird, Ph.D.
Epidemiology Branch, NIEHS
Seminar Title: CANCELLED
Host: Dr. Carmen Williams

04/10/2020 Folami Ideraabdullah
UNC-Chapel Hill
Seminar Title: CANCELLED
Host: Dr. Humphrey Yao

04/17/2020 Francesca Duncan
Northwestern University
Seminar Title: CANCELLED
Host: Dr. Carmen Williams

04/24/2020 Jurrien Dean
Seminar Title: CANCELLED
Host: Dr. Carmen Williams

05/01/2020 Robert Turkey
Seminar Title: CANCELLED
Host: Dr. Masahiko Negishi

05/08/2020 Steve Wu, Ph.D.
Reproductive & Developmental Biology Laboratory, NIEHS
Seminar Title: TBD
Host: Dr. Francesco DeMayo

05/15/2020 Lauryl Nutter, Ph.D.
The Centre for Pheogenomics at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto
Seminar Title: CANCELLED
Host: Dr. Manas Ray

05/22/2020 Rong Li, Ph.D.
Reproductive & Developmental Biology Laboratory, NIEHS
Seminar Title: The Functions of Epithelial Progesterone Receptor in Embryo Implantation
Host: Dr. Francesco DeMayo

05/29/2020 T. Rajendra Kumar, Ph.D.
University of Colorado
Seminar Title: TBD
Host: Dr. Humphrey Yao

06/2020 - 08/2020
Seminar Title: Fellow Summer Seminar Series

09/04/2020 Francesco DeMayo, Senior Investigator
RDBL All Hands Meeting
Host: Dr. Francesco DeMayo

09/11/2020 Jurrien Dean, Senior Investigator
Molecular genetics of gametogenesis and fertilization
Host: Dr. Williams

09/18/2020 Myeongjin (MJ) Yi, Postdoc 
Sex-dependent regulation of hepatic estrogen sulfation via phosphorylation
Host: Dr. Negishi

09/25/2020 Lauryl Nutter, Associate Director
The Centre for Pheogenomics at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto
Lessons learned from high-throughput mouse line production using Cas9 – Essential genes and genetics
Host: Dr. Ray

10/02/2020 Francesco DeMayo, Senior Investigator
Uncovering regulatory mechanisms governing pregnancy
Host: Dr. Williams

10/09/2020 Benedict Anchang, Tenure Track Investigator
Single-cell-based characterization of developmental processes using dynamic spanning forests
Host: Dr. Morgan

10/16/2020 Hao Hu, Postdoc
Glucose responsive estrogen sulfation in liver cells
Host: Dr. Negishi

10/23/2020 Gunter Wagner, Professor
Yale University
The origin of the uterine decidual cell type through signaling network restructuring
Host: Trainees (Saniya Rattan)

10/30/2020 Dara Wilson-Grant, Professor
Leaving the ivory tower: How to navigate a career change
Host: Trainees (Saniya Rattan)

11/06/2020 Miguel Ramalho-Santos, Senior Investigator
Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Univ. Toronto
Epigenetic regulation of pluripotency and inheritance
Host: Dr. Williams

11/13/2020 Jennifer Richer, Professor
University of Colorado
Sex steroid hormone milieu and female cancers: Context is critical
Host: Dr. DeMayo

11/20/2020 Barbara Nicol, Staff Scientist
A journey through the life of the ovary: the multiple functions of the transcription factor RUNX1
Host: Dr. Yao

12/04/2020 Muluneh Fashe, Postdoc
How does RORα switch between transcriptional activator and repressor?
Host: Dr. Negishi

12/11/2020 Folami Ideraabdullah, Assistant Professor
Role of genotype in developmental epigenetic programming
Host: Dr. Yao


01/11/2019 (101A) Dr. Matthew Frasier
Duke University Medical Center
Seminar Title: “Novel Concepts in Lower Urinary Tract Physiology”
Host: Dr. Francesco DeMayo

01/18/2019 (101A) Dr. Blanche Capel
Duke University
Seminar Title: “The Battle of the Sexes: Setting the Gonad on the Male Pathway”
Host: Dr. Humphrey Yao

01/25/2019 (101A) Dr. Anne Marie Jukic
Duke University
Seminar Title: “What's the Big Deal? Vitamin D, Fertility, and Early Pregnancy”
Host: Franceso DeMayo

02/01/2019 (101A) Dr. Paul Wade
Seminar Title: “Chromating Architecture: The Nuts and Bolts of Gene Expressions”
Host: N/A

02/08/2019 (101A) Dr. Paula Cohen
Cornell University
Seminar Title: “The Intersection of DNA Repair Pathways the Regulate Meiosis and Crossing Over in the Mouse”
Host: Dr. Carmen Williams

02/15/2019 (101A) Dr. Alistair Boettiger
Stanford University
Seminar Title: “Visualizing Gene Expression and 3D Genome Architecture During Embryogenesis”
Host: Dr. Rong Li

02/22/2019 (101A) Dr. Charles Falany
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Seminar Title: “Sulfotransferase 4A1: Insights into Neurological Functions”
Host: Dr. Masahiko Negishi

03/01/2019 (101A) Dr. Margaret Petroff
Michigan State University
Seminar Title: “Reproductive Success: Immune Tolerance to Self, Non-Self, and Former Self”
Host: Dr. Francesco DeMayo

03/08/2019 (101A) Dr. Julie Kim
Northwestern University
Seminar Title: “Technological Advances to Study the Female Reproductive Tracts”
Host: Dr. Kenneth Korach

03/15/2019 (101A) Dr. Ramji Bhandari
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Seminar Title: “Epigenetic Reprogramming and Transgenerational Inheritance of Epimutations in Medaka”
Host: Dr. Humphrey Yao

03/29/2019 (D450) Dr. Francesca Soncin
University of California San Diego
Seminar Title: “Making a Good Placenta: The Role of Transcription Co-Factor VGLL1 in the Trophoblast Lineage”
Host: Dr. Carmen Williams

04/12/2019 (101A) Dr. Karen Schindler
Rutgers, The State University of NJ
Seminar Title: “Understanding how the Aurora Kinases Protect Gamete Euploidy”
Host: Dr. Carmen Williams

04/19/2019 (101A) Dr. Tracy A. Manuck
University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
Seminar Title: “Preterm Birth: New Insights Into Risk to Inform the Future of Personalized Solutions
Host: Dr. Kelly Ferguson & Dr. Francesco DeMayo

04/26/2019 (101A) Dr. Guang Hu
Seminar Title: “The Tail That Wags the Dog-post-transcription Regulation of Germ Cell Development by Ccr4-not
Host: Dr. Francesco DeMayo

05/03/2019 (101A) Dr. Sophia Tsai
Seminar Title: “COUP-TFII and Mitochondrial Function
Host: Dr. Francesco DeMayo

05/10/2019 (101A) Dr. Masahiko Negishi
Seminar Title: “Peaking at the Nuclear Receptor World Through the CARolla Window
Host: Dr. Francesco DeMayo

05/17/2019 (101A) Dr. Kelly Ferguson
Seminar Title: “Environmental Phthalate Exposure and Preterm Birth: A Research Update
Host: Dr. Francesco DeMayo

09/27/2019 (D450) RDBL General Meeting
Host: Dr. Francesco DeMayo

10/04/2019 (D450) Marcos Morgan, Ph.D.
Reproductive & Developmental Biology Laboratory, NIEHS
Seminar Title: “Role of RNA Modifications in Germ Cell Differentiation”
Host: Dr. Francesco DeMayo

10/11/2019 (D450) Fei Zhao, Ph.D.
Immunity, Inflammation, and Disease Laboratory, NIEHS
Seminar Title: “Cell Fate Decisions in the Development of Sex Ducts”
Host: Dr. Humphrey Yao

10/18/2019 (D450) Tom Spencer
University of Missouri
Seminar Title: “Developmental Biology and Function of Glands in the Uterus”
Host: Dr. Francesco DeMayo

10/25/2019 (D450) Irina Larina, Ph.D.
Baylor College of Medicine
Seminar Title: “Shining Light at Mammalian Reproduction and Early Development”
Host: Dr. Francesco DeMayo

11/01/2019 (D450) Patrick Allard, Ph.D.
Seminar Title: "Conditioning of Reproductive Function Across Generations by Environmental Exposures"
Host: Trainees

11/15/2019 (D450) Chen Chen, Ph.D.
Michigan State University
Seminar Title: "Small RNAs: Big Roles in Genome Defense and Fertility"
Host: Dr. Marcos Morgan

11/22/2019 (D450) Jimena Giudice
UNC-Chapel Hill
Seminar Title: “Alternative Splicing Regulation of Membrane Trafficking Genes Impacts Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Biology”
Host: Dr. Marcos Morgan

12/04/2019 (D450) Dr. Bruce D. Murphy
Seminar Title: “The Role of the Orphan Nuclear Receptor LRH-1 on Ovulation: An Integrative Analysis”
Host: Dr. Humphrey Yao

12/06/2019 (D450) Paula Stein
Seminar Title: “Developmentally Programmed Tankyrase Activity Licenses Progression of Embryonic Genome Activation”
Host: Dr. Carmen Williams


12/14/2018 (D450) Yongna Xing
University of Wisconsin
Seminar Title: TBA
Host: Masa Negishi

12/07/2018 (D450) Joan Jorgenson
University of Wisconsin
Seminar Title: TBA
Host: Humphrey Yao

11/30/2018 (101A) Marissa Bartolomei
University of Pennsylvania
Seminar Title: Epigenetic Gene Regulation During Development and under Adverse Environment Conditions
Host: Carmen Williams

11/16/2018 (101A) Susan Moenter
University of Michigan
Seminar Title: Differential roles of hypothalamic kisspeptin populations in estradiol negative and positive feedback on reproductive neuroendocrine function
Host: Ken Korach

11/09/2018 (101C) Paul Cooke
University of Florida
Seminar Title: Function and Mechanism of Action of Membrane Estrogen Receptor 1 in male and female reproduction.
Host: Humphrey Yao

June - August
Fellow Summer Seminar Series

05/18/2018 (101?) Lee Kraus
UT Southwestern
Seminar Title: Enhancers, LncRNAs, and Transcriptional Regulation in Breast Cancers
Host: Franco DeMayo

05/11/2018 (101C) Mike Cowley
North Carolina State University
Seminar Title: Genomic Imprinting: Regulation and Function in Response to the Developmental Environment
Host: Humphrey Yao

05/04/2018 (101A) Greg FitzHaris
University Montreal
Seminar Title: Causes and Consequences of Chromosome Segregation Error in the Early Mammalian Embryo
Host: Carmen Williams

04/27/2018 (D450) Jian Liu
Seminar Title: Stress Response Pathway Constrains Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma Formation and Progression
Host: Franco DeMayo

04/20/2018 (D450) Greg Crawford
Duke University
Seminar Title: Identifying, Characterizing, and Modulating Regulatory Elements in their Natural Context
Host: Franco DeMayo

04/13/2018 (D450) Susan Murphy
Duke University
Seminar Title: Are there Earlier Origins of Early Origins
Host: Carmen Williams

04/06/2018 (101A) Qi Chen
University of Nevada
Seminar Title: Sperm RNAs and RNA Modifications in Epigenetic Inheritance
Host: Fei Zhao & Trainees

03/23/2018 (D450) Xiaoling Li
Signal Transduction Laboratory, NIEHS
Seminar Title: SIRT1 as a Key Regulator of Embryonic Stem Cell Pluripotency and Animal Development
Host: Franco DeMayo

03/16/2018 (101A) David Aylor
North Carolina State University
Seminar Title: Gene X Environment Interactions Drive Male Infertility in a Mouse Population-Based Resource
Host: Humphrey Yao

03/02/2018 (101A) Jason Heaney
Baylor College of Medicine
Seminar Title: CRISPS/Cas9 Editing of the Mouse Genome: Current Approaches and Developing Technologies
Host: Demayo/Manas Ray

02/23/2018 (101A) Manas Ray and Artiom Gruzdev
Seminar Title: Of Mice and Cells… the NIEHS Knockout Core

02/16/2018 (101A) Alisa Suen
Reproductive & Developmental Biology Laboratory 
Seminar Title: Early-Life Estrogen Exposure and Uterine Pathogenesis: A Model for Gene-Environment Interactions
Host: Carmen Williams

02/09/2018 (D450) Jon Oatley
Washington State University
Seminar Title: Developmental Origin of the Stem Cell Pool in the Male Germline

02/02/2018 (D450) James McLachlan
Tulane University
Seminar Title: Interrogating How Anatomical Location Regulates Cellular Immunity to Infection and Immunization
Host: Masa Negishi

01/26/2018 (D450) Natalie Shaw
Clinical Research Branch, NIEHS
Seminar Title: Bedside to the Bench in Bosma Syndrome: Gene Discovery and Functional Modeling in Patient-Derived Neural Crest Cells
Host: Franco DeMayo

01/19/18 (D450) Karen Reue (CANCELED)
University of California, Los Angeles
Seminar Title: Approaches to Uncover the Genetic Basis for Sex Differences in Obesity.
Host: Kenneth Korach

01/12/2018 (101A) Victoria Bae-Jump
University of North Carolina
Seminar Title: Targeting Obesity for Endometrial Cancer Treatment
Host: Carmen Williams


12/15/2017 (101A) JoAnne Richards
Baylor College of Medicine
Seminar Title: From Ovulation to Ovarian Cancer: An Unexpected Journey
Host: Ken Korach 

12/01/2017 (101A) Amy Ralston
Michigan State
Seminar Title: Surprising New Roles for Pluripotency Factors in Embryogenesis and Reprogramming
Host: Carmen Williams 

11/29/2017 (D450) Daniel Bernard
McGill University
Seminar Title: The Tale of the Tail: Novel Insights into GnRH Signaling and Gonadotropin Regulation
Host: Carmen Williams

11/17/2017 (101A) Brian Hermann
University of Texas in San Antonio
Seminar Title: The Mammalian Spermatogenesis Single-Transcriptome- From Spermatogonial Stem Cells to Sperm
Host: Franco DeMayo 

11/03/2017 (D450) Joanna Burdette (CANCELED)
University of Illinois in Chicago
Seminar Title: Using Microfluidic Devices to Engineer Female Reproductive Tissues.
Host: Humphrey Yao 
10/27/2017 (D450) Traci Hall
Epigenetics & Stem Cell Biology Laboratory
Seminar Title: A Tale of Dragons and Dwarves: Regulation of Maternal mRNA During Early Embryonic Development
Host: Franco DeMayo 

10/20/2017 (101ABC) Kathryn McClelland and Oswaldo Lozoya 
Reproductive & Developmental Biology Laboratory & Epigenetics & Stem Cell Biology Laboratory, NIEHS
Seminar Title: Deciphering the Process of Organogenesis by Single Cell mRNA-Sequencing Technology
Host: Humphrey Yao

10/13/2017 (101A) Symposium on Advances in Andrology
Seminar Title: TBA
Host: Humphrey Yao 
10/06/2017 (101A) Hongbing Wang
University of Maryland
Seminar Title: Nuclear Receptors as Regulators of Drug Metabolism and Therapeutic Targets
Host: Masa Negishi 

09/29/2017 (D450) Kouichi Yoshinari
University of Shizuoka
Seminar Title: Molecular Mechanisms for Hepatocyte Proliferation Mediated by Xenobiotic-Responsive Nuclear Receptors CAR and PXR
Host: Masa Negishi 

09/22/2017 (D450) Diana Laird
University of California, San Francisco
Seminar Title: Mechanisms of Epigenetic Dysregulation in Fetal Germ Cells Caused by Exposure to Phthalates
Host: Humphrey Yao

June - August
Felow Summer Seminar Series

05/19/2017 (101A) Fernando Pardo Manuel de Villena
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
Seminar Title: TBA
Host: Ken Korach

05/05/2017 (101A) Asgi Fazleabas
Michigan State University, Grand Rapids, MI
Seminar Title: TBA
Host: Franco DeMayo

04/21/2017 (101A) Larry Layman
Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA
Seminar Title: TBA
Host: Ken Korach and Janet Hall

04/07/2017 (101A) Joanna Burdette
University of Illinois, Chicago, IL
Seminar Title: Using microfluidic devices to engineer female reproductive tissues
Host: Humphrey Yao

03/17/2017 (101A) Tom Kocarek
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
Seminar Title: TBA
Host: Masa Negishi

03/03/2017 (101A) Richard Behringer
University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dallas, TX
Seminar Title: Developmental genetics of mammalian reproductive organs
Host: Ken Korach

02/24/2017 (101A) Allan Spradling
Carnegie Institute for Science, Baltimore, MD
Seminar Title: Metabolic regulation of germ cells and their mitochondria
Host: Humphrey Yao

02/17/2017 (101A) Donna Baird
Epidemiology Branch, NIEHS
Seminar Title: Fibroids: Why is uterine muscle so vulnerable to benign tumor development?
Host: Franco DeMayo

02/03/2017 (101A) Mariano Buffone
Institute of Biology and Experimental Medicine (IBYME), CONICET, Argentina
Seminar Title: Location and regulation of acrosomal exocytosis: from in vitro to in vivo observations
Host: Carmen Williams

01/20/2017 (101A) John Davis
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
Seminar Title: Yap signaling in ovarian physiology and pathology
Host: Humphrey Yao and Janet Hall

01/06/2017 (101A) Sarah England
Washington University, St. Louis, MO
Seminar Title: The effect of electrogenic changes on pregnancy outcomes
Host: Franco DeMayo


12/16/2016 (101A) Bradley Cairns
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
Seminar Title: TBA
Host: Tracy Clement and RDBL Trainees

12/02/2016 (101A) Taosheng Chen
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN
Seminar Title: Novel chemical probes to investigate the function of xenobiotic receptors PXR and CAR
Host: Masa Negishi

11/18/2016 (101A) Pablo Visconti
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
Seminar Title: Sperm signaling in ART
Host: Carmen Williams

10/21/2016 (101A) Franck Mauvais-Jarvis
Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Seminar Title: Novel functions of estrogen receptors in metabolism
Host: Ken Korach

10/07/2016 (101A) Miranda Bernhardt
Reproductive & Developmental Biology Laboratory, NIEHS
Seminar Title: Channels, sparks, and safety switches: How to activate an egg
Host: Carmen Williams

09/21/16 (D450) Shigeaki Kato
Tokiwa Foundation, Fukushima, Japan
Seminar Title: Gene Suppressive Function of VDR in Skin
Host: Ken Korach

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