Health Assessment and Translation

Vickie R. Walker
Vickie R. Walker
Health Scientist
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Vickie R. Walker is as a health scientist in the Division of Translational Toxicology (DTT) in the Integrative Health Assessment Branch at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. She has been actively involved in the methods development and harmonization of literature-based environmental health science assessments for over 14 years. Vickie leads the evidence informatics activities for the Integrative Health Assessment branch investigating, developing, and applying semi-automated technologies (e.g., machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence approaches) and interactive data visualization in the systematic review and systematic evidence mapping workflow. The integration of these methods has improved efficiency in the time and resources required and improved communication and exploration of the gathered data. Her expertise and areas of interest are focused on the early phases of the systematic review process- problem formulation, search and selection and data extraction with an overall objective to increase standardization of extracted knowledge and tools. Vickie's accomplishments have led to numerous invited speaker roles to present systematic review methods at the local and international level. Vickie currently serves as the Program Lead for the DTT Scientific Cyberinfrastructure Program Management Team.

Walker received her B.S. in biochemistry from North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC. Prior to joining the NTP, Vickie spent 20 years as a research scientist in the Division of Intramural Research program at NIEHS where she gained extensive training in environmental health, specifically reproductive and developmental toxicology. Research focused on investigating the mechanism and role of the estrogen receptor in development, reproduction, and carcinogenesis with an emphasis on the generation and study of transgenic and gene‐disruption animal models.

Selected Publications

  1. Taylor KW, Howdeshell KL, Bommarito PA, Sibrizzi CA, Blain RB, Magnuson K, Lemeris C, Tracy W, Baird DD, Jackson CL, Gaston SA, Rider CV, Walker VR, Rooney AA. 2023. Systematic evidence mapping informs a class-based approach to assessing personal care products and pubertal timing. Environ Int. 181:108307. doi: 10.1016/j.envint.2023.108307. [Abstract]
  2. Singh A, Lawler CP, Walker VR, Pelch KE, Garton AE, Rooney AA, Haugen AC. 2023. Becoming aWARE: The Development of a Web-Based Tool for Autism Research and the Environment. J Xenobiot. 13(3):492-499. doi: 10.3390/jox13030031. [Abstract]
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