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Fellows' Career Development


Fellows' Career Development

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NIEHS Scholars Connect Program

The NIEHS Scholars Connect Program (NSCP) is an academic-year (3 semesters, starting in summer), paid internship designed to provide environmental health sciences training for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) focused undergraduate students from HBCUs, Community Colleges and other surrounding academic institutions. Students receive training in biomedical research and have opportunities for personal and professional development.

Summer Internship Program (SIP)

SIP welcomes eligible college, graduate, and professional students to spend eight to twelve weeks conducting biomedical research with NIH investigators. SIP includes subprograms run by the NIH Office of Intramural Training & Education (OITE): CCSEP, the Community College Summer Enrichment Program; C-SOAR, the College Summer Opportunities to Advance Research Program. More specific information is available about the NIEHS Summer Internship Program (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina).

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