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Martin Rodbell, Ph.D.
DIR's Jim Putney's Lab has another unusual breakfast in Bldg 19 on old north campus.
circa 1994
NIEHS scientist, Gary Bird, discovers his first Halloween in the USA.
The Laboratory of Signal Transduction- working hard to improve those pipetting skills! from left: Gary Bird, Mohamad Trebek, Marcel Schaaf, Jerry Yakel, Jean-Phillipe Lievremont. Unknown (sitting) and Barabara Wedel.
circa 2005
Former NIEHS library Director, Dav Robertson (standing) and reference librarian, Larry Wright (sitting) are working at getting access to Nedline.
mid 1980s
Ken Korach, Chief of the Reproductive and Developmental Biology Laboratory discusses his scientific poster with Don Harvan.
mid 1980s
Lou Rozier, with Office of Communications, poses after installing the exhibit at SOT meeting
circa 2000
Ray Tennant of NTP converses at an SOT meeting with Tom Goehl (right) and Tohru Inoue (left, both with Environmental Health Perspectives Journal)
circa 2000
The NIEHS Diversity Council
OCPL's John Peterson is manning the NIEHS exhibit at the American Public Health Association
NTP General Tox Group accepts an award
circa 2000
NIEHSers volunteer at UNC TV telethon fundraising event
circa 1999
Rajen Prsad (center) discusses Science Days poster with presenter Mita Ghosh.Dipak Ghosh (Mita's husband) is involved as well.
Late 1990s