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Acknowledgement of NIEHS Support

To help raise awareness of the NIH's role in supporting research advances made by grant recipients, Congress directed that grantees "acknowledge NIH's funding contribution when they publicize their research findings." Below are actions the NIEHS encourages you to take in responding to this directive:

  • Acknowledge the NIEHS's full or partial support in journal articles, slide or poster presentations, news releases, interviews with reporters, and other communications. In scientific publications, the citation should include the grant number and the source of the support. We strongly encourage use of this language: "Support for this research was provided by a grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institutes of Health."
  • Alert the NIEHS health science administrator who manages your grant when you are about to announce or publish a major finding, especially if your institution is planning a news release or having a news conference. The health science administrator's name and phone number are on your Notice of Grant Award. Also, you may give your health science administrator's name to reporters seeking scientists to comment on your research.
  • You or your institution's public information officer should contact OCPL in advance of any announcement. OCPL can help reach national reporters, and direct inquiries, and, in some cases, prepare news articles for NIEHS publications or Web site.
  • The NIEHS-published journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, also offers a prestigious, peer-reviewed outlet for your scientific reports. Instructions to authors regarding the journal's submission requirements can be found at
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