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TRlad Multi-Maker

The TRIad Multi-Marker (TRIMM) program performs max_Z2, and sum_log(P) tests, association tests for a child's or mother's genetic effects using multiple markers from triad families. Statistical significance is evaluated via permutation. It also outputs the nominated risk-haplotype-tagging alleles. For details, see Shi M, Umbach DM ,Weinberg CR "Identification of Risk-related Haplotypes Using Multiple SNPs from Nuclear Families".


Download is the ZIPPED set of the following 5 files:


  • R source code: TRIMM.r
  • Program documentation: TRIMM_Documentation.pdf
  • 3 Example files: geno.m geno.f geno.c



Min Shi, M.D., Ph.D.
Tel 984-287-3720
David M. Umbach, Ph.D.
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Clarice R. Weinberg, Ph.D.
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Fax 919-541-4311