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IMACS Annual Meeting 2008



Joint Breakfast Meeting of the ACR JDM Working Group and IMACS

Monday October 27, 2008; Time 6:15 - 08:30 AM

Location: Club Room, San Francisco Marriott, San Francisco, CA

All are invited, including trainees, clinical coordinators and nurses




Breakfast Service begins
0630 - 0715
Myositis Research Updates
Moderators: Drs. Bianca Lang and Lisa Rider
1. PRINTO JDM TrialDr. Nicola Ruperto
2. CARRA - JDM Practice SurveyDr. Adam Huber
3. NIAMS JDM Registry and other JDM researchDr. Lauren Pachman
4. UK JDM Research Group and PrES JDM NetworkDr. Clarissa Pilkington
5. UKCRN/MCRN- Research Network with JDM interest groupDr. Lucy Wedderburn
6. PROMETHEUS Methotrexate Trial for PM/DMDr. Jiri Vencovsky
7. Presenting Features of MyositisDr. Snejana Vetrila
8. MITAX Computer Program (BLIPS)Dr. David Isenberg
9. IMACS Trials RepositoryDr. Lisa Rider
10. Myositis Classification Criteria ProjectDr. Ingrid Lundberg
11. MYOGEN ProjectDr. Frederick Miller
0715 - 0830
Minisymposium - Biologic Therapies in Myositis: Current Status, Future Directions
Moderators: Drs. Frederick Miller and David Isenberg
1.  Anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor Agents:
  • Infliximab
  • Etanercept
Dr. Mark Gourley
Dr. Lauren Pachman
2. AnakinraDr. Ingrid Lundberg
3. Rituximab and other B cell TherapiesDr. Chester Oddis
4. Anti-Interferon AlphaDr. Barbara White
5. Other Biologics on the HorizonDr. Vibeke Strand
6. Open Discussion: Other Experiences, Thoughts on New Trials 


The generous support of Amgen, The Myositis Association, and The Cure JM Foundation as sponsors of this meeting is gratefully acknowledged.


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