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Committees and Scientific Interest Groups

IMACS Committees

IMACS Scientific Committee:

This committee reviews proposals of research studies that would involve the participation of IMACS members, as well as surveys of and publications involving IMACS/its members prior to their submission (including appropriate authorship). This committee will also suggest future scientific directions and new studies for IMACS to embark upon. For further information about IMACS Scientific and Publication Policies, which are administered by the Scientific Committee, see Scientific/Publication Policies.

Current Scientific Committee members are:

  • Rohit Aggarwal (Chair)
  • Sonya Danoff (Vice Chair)
  • Dana Ascherman (Past Chair)
  • Olivier Benveniste
  • Hector Chinoy
  • Robert Cooper
  • Katalin Danko
  • David Isenberg
  • Andrew Mammen
  • Frederick Miller
  • Chester Oddis
  • Adam Schiffenbauer
  • Elena Schiopu
  • James Lilleleker (Fellow member)
  • Iago Pinal Fernandez (Fellow member)

IMACS Meeting Planning Committee:

This committee will plan and organize the annual IMACS meetings and will also suggest proposals for other meetings, such as presentations at the American College of Rheumatology Myositis Study Group.

Current Meeting Planning Committee members are:

  • Bianca Lang (Chair)
  • Mary Cronin (Vice Chair)
  • Floranne Ernste (Vice Chair)
  • Lesley Ann Saketkoo (Past Chair)
  • Hervier Baptiste
  • Rodolfo Curiel
  • Liza McCann
  • Siamak Moghadam-Kia
  • Julie Paik
  • Lisa Rider
  • Jiri Vencovsky
  • Elizabeth Volkmann
  • Hanna Kim (Fellow member)
  • Sara Sabbagh (Fellow member)

IMACS Scientific Interest Groups

Rehabilitation and Exercise Group

This group is devoted to studying the effect of exercise therapy and rehabilitation on the disease and vice versa in juvenile and adult myositis. To this end, the group is currently focused on developing and validating measures for fatigue and endurance, muscle strength testing, and functional testing for juvenile and adult myositis that can be used as endpoints in such studies.

Current Rehabilitation and Exercise Special Interest Group leaders include:

  • Sue Maillard (Chair)
  • Helene Alexanderson (Vice Chair)
  • Marco van Brussel (Past Chair)

International Classification of Diseases

  • Adam Schiffenbauer (Chair)

Calcinosis in Juvenile and Adult Dermatomyositis

  • Lorinda Chung (Chair)

Myositis Autoantibodies

  • Neil McHugh (Chair)

Extension of SHARE consensus for management of JDM

  • Susan Kim (Chair)

Procedures for an IMACS Scientific Interest Group

Members of an IMACS Scientific Interest Group are small focus groups centered around a particular topic of interest for myositis researchers. All members of IMACS are eligible to join a special interest group, and its members may serve unlimited terms. Groups meet remotely and/or in person at least twice annually, and report on their progress annually at the IMACS business meeting and in the newsletter. When a group develops a formal scientific project, they then apply to the IMACS Scientific Committee for approval. Groups have a chair, vice chair and past chair, and more than one individual may serve in any of these roles. Leadership positions are of 2 years duration, and renewable for a second 2 year term, and elected by the members of the Interest Group.

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